M2/M3 Bradley Reference

How about some love for the M2A4 Bradley…


Good pics. It was already outlined further up in the post in October of '20. Externally, it isn’t really that different. Most of the changes are all internal to the engine and suspension.

A couple of potential future upgrades.

Next-generation Bradley on top photo (AUSA 2021) and RB301 Bradley with 30mm turret and Trophy APS on bottom.


Former Bradley crewdog '87-'91.

My M2A1 Bradley just before Desert Shield started.

Same Bradley (named it “Lethal Tendencies”) with crew and dismounts just before crossing into
Iraq Feb. '91

Tamiya M2 kit built as my Bradley during Desert Storm
C-33 3rd Plt C 3-15 Inf. 24th ID(M)


Welcome! And as I scrolled through your post I was hoping you’d show a build of your ride. You did not disappoint.

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Some more pics of the build.


Welcome aboard. The Brad looks great.

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FYI, the back ground in the pictures was taken from my Bradley during our fight at Jalibah airfield on 2-27-91. We had pulled off the objective due to incoming Iraqi arty and I took a quick pic with a Kodak 110 I had.

Here is the picture.


A couple more of my Bradley builds, currently on the workbench is finishing Tamiya’s M2A2 ODS kit.

M2AO oob build of Tamiya kit

Tamiya M3 kit wih MERDEC camo job. Not accurate but I like the scheme. Part of my “Team Yankee” build
with a 105mm M1 Tamiya kit.


When you went to Saudi Arabia with the 24th. We’re you with 7th or 15th Infantry?

I served with 2-7 Inf. right after the division returned from overseas.

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And my own interpretation of the M2s the Division rolled with. Rumaila was the big battle the division fought, along with taking Jalibah Airfield.

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I was C 3-15 Inf.

3rd Plt. before crossing the border. One of my most cherished photos. I am sitting on the ground left of the flag.


You mean in front of the guy getting his eyes poked out? :smile:

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“CAN DO”. Audie Murphy’s regiment. :+1:

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I never looked at it like that. Does look like it. :rofl:

Great builds on those Brad’s…

They are perfect candidates for this thread I started of people’s personal rides…

Feel free to put some there if you’d like David :+1:

People’s Real Life Rides or Times in Service

This one is the cleanest picture I’ve seen of the old M2A1 Bradleys that rolled into Iraq with the 24th; same regiment as OP, but this one’s from 2nd platoon, Charlie Co. 3-15th Inf. 2nd Brigade.

This is the vehicle I used as reference for my Tamiya build.


Excellent references! Thanks!
I am building Kinetic’s M3A3 as an IFOR/SFOR M2A2, because I got it cheap.

What’s that actual kit like Ron ? I wanted a Bradley and was thinking of that one ?