M2/M3 Bradley Reference

I just wanted to make an unsolicited testimonial/plug for Rob’s walkarounds - I have his Stryker walkaround and it’s almost 1,200 absolutely gorgeous pictures of every little detail. Well worth every penny.

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I have to second that plug for Rob’s walkaround photos. I just downloaded his 1008 photo Bradley series and it is certainly worth much more than $16! Full walkarounds, then down to every little detail inside and out. His series is actually more detailed than the Army’s Bradley TM. If Rob has a walkaround of a vehicle you’re interested in, buy it. I highly recommend his service and photos, and Rob is a great guy.

I appreciate the plug guys, and I’m glad you’re happy with them. For new folks to the site, if it’s modern, I’ve probably got the best reference out there for modeling. And more than likely it was used for the kit as well.

Thanks again.


This may not be much of a help but I thought I’d post it anyways because I thought its kinda interesting! :sweat_smile: :smile:

By the way his channel is a great source so i highly recommend it!

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Another interesting recent development is painting sand-colored Bradleys (and other vehicles) with a temporary green, water-based paint when on training rotations to Europe. The vehicles are either sprayed or hand painted with a temporary paint used by the German Army. It is a Bronze Green color, RAL 6031, used on Bundeswehr vehicles.

Names and unit markings are covered and left in sand to show through the green. Tactical markings are also masked and show up as sand. Hatch insides and around optics are usually masked off and left sand as well.

Some examples.


Great thread! Still have a few Bradley’s in my stash to build.

Nice M2A3 video here:

Someone on another site was asking about Bradley fuel cells. They were not modeled by Meng or any other company or AM outfit. There are two; one located behind the air cleaner on the right side sponson next to the turret, and one under the turret. They are connected by a tube at the left front of the upper one.

Here is how another modeler (not me) at Armorama depicted them. He intended to make a maintenance shop dio and leave the turret out and the upper engine panel removed to show off the interior parts. I don’t know if he ever finished it as he didn’t post any further shots of it.

The actual fuel cells are a sandy/tan colored plastic.

The external fuel filler cap is located under the hinged hatch with a handle to the right of the turret on top of the hull side, just behind the large intake vent screen. Centered in the below pic.

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I believe that individual may be using my references for that build. It shows that entire area with the turret removed, including that cell.

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A new reference book on the Bradley is available from Pen and Sword publishing in their Land Craft series. Darren Baker takes a look at it below.


Great bump! Two more Bradley references sold!
For those who don’t know, a good number of modern kits are based upon my research. I sell these walkarounds which are available virtually instantly via wetransfer.com. Send PM for list of subjects.
Pages never fall out, and some contain well over 1,000 images, all for a paltry $16.00.


They are well worth it! I’ve got Rob’s bundle for the M1 Assault Breacher and it’s great!

Thanks, Richard. Sold four more yesterday - all to the same gentleman, so he’ll be getting some bonus walkarounds.



Just a question to the Bradley experts. I started building an M3A1 Bradley. Can I use the Meng M3A3 rear hatch except the additional armour.
I use tamiyas m2 bradley as a base, I don’t need the interior. If anyone is interested, please contact me.


If you mean the rear rooftop TOW reloading hatch, yes. I plan to do the same.

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Hi Gino.
You are a reliable person. Thank you.
Yes, I meant the TOW reloading hatch.
After a summer trip to Fulda, former home of the 11th Cavalry Regiment, and the observation point Alpha, I got the idea to build one or the other vehicle.

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I found this pic of the interior of one of the forthcoming AMPV (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle), a.k.a. turretless Bradley. It looks like more anti-blast bench seats are added along each side and the two TC/Operator stations where the turret used to be. Also looks like there are screens/controls for an RWS up top.

I believe it is the GP (General Purpose, APC) version, but am not sure.


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Here is some info on the swim barrier fitted on the M2 through M2A2. The pics were originally posted by another member, razorblade1975 in this thread:
M2A0 Bradley Swim Barrier Reference .

The swim barrier was a rubberized canvas surround that was erected around the upper hull to give the vehicle more sideboard and allow it to swim across very calm areas of water. It was stored in the black, rubber tubing that is present along the upper hull of the Bradley. It was not very effective and a pain in the ass to erect. It was deleted on the M2A2 ODS version following Operation Desert Storm in the early '90s.

M2 Swim Barrier 2
M2 Swim Barrier 3
M2 Swim Barrier 4


Found some more info on the swim barrier. They are from an early M2A2, but should be the same as those on the original M2 above.