M2/M3 Bradley Reference

More M2A2 ODS-SA Bradleys training in/for service in Ukraine. Too bad the markings are all blurred out.


A somewhat “newish” addition on all 4ID Bradleys.

A few more images:
The Commander’s idea here was Recon old and new.

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Magic Factory has announced a 3-in-1 Bradley M2A3 IFV / M2A4 IFV / M-SHORAD ADA Bradley. It looks to be a great kit w/T161 tracks and all the latest mods. It has both flat side skirts and parts to make the ERA blocks and other BUSK parts.

More here:
Magic Factory 3 in 1 Bradley | Armorama™

One point to note. The Bradley M-SHORAD has not been accepted by the US Army. It is only a test/experimental platform being offered by BAE. So far, the accepted M-SHORAD system is the Stryker M-SHORAD vehicle. It uses most of the same equipment as the Bradley system but is not exactly the same.


A few Ukraine M2A2 ODS-SA IFV Bradleys with markings not blurred out. It also looks like there is not a standard camo pattern as each is different.

This one is an M3A2 ODS-SA CFV (TOW reload hatch with periscopes) damaged in battle and being repaired to fight another day.


Another version of Ukranian Bradley camo.


A new Bradley track set is coming from Def Models of the original T157 tracks used on M2/M3, M2A1/M3A1, and early M2A2/M3A2 Bradleys, through the mid-'90s. These tracks can also be used on M270 MLRS launchers as well.

More info here: Bradley and LVT Tracks | Armorama™

They look great. The new/updated sprockets are a must since the Tamiya / Academy kit ones are horrible on details and only have 10 teeth when they should have 11. The new final drive covers are really nice too.

Hopefully they continue the series with T157I “Bigfoot” tracks.

And the latest T161 tracks and sprockets, which are a new design that are quite a bit wider.


This one is interesting. This is the first Bradley I have seen in Ukraine in overall sand and the first one with the BC’s glass shields.

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Larger pic from the above article.

Same track, ramp up.

A couple more pics of ERA in Ukraine.

So, they’re getting BUSK I kits for their M2A2 ODS-SAs. Nice.

Different view of Bradley a few posts up. White cross might be good candidate for typewriter corrective ribbon method.

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Compliments from Frenchy on the Ukraine thread.


Thank you, Frenchy.


This is how you go to the field. (If you have the luxury of a vehicle, which I never did)


Yep, a 5 gallon can under the end of the ramp gives you a perfectly level surface for the “sun porch”.


I updated the post above with info on how to build one in Ukraine with ERA as well.

Ukraine M2A2 / M3A2 ODS-SA Bradley



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Saw a Ukrainian Bradley build over on Twitter/X


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It looks pretty good, nice paint and finish.

It is not the correct version for a Ukranian Bradley though. It appears to be Tamiya’s M2A2 ODS (apparently OOB), which is an early 2000s version. It should be an M2A2 ODS-SA with the latest features; more armor plates all over the hull and turret top, DVE, new T161 tracks, anti-foul bars for the TOW, new Gunners Primary Site (GPS) box, new front armor plate, new mud guards, no work platform, no poles for swim barrier (shouldn’t be on an M2A2 ODS either), etc., etc., etc… See a couple posts above for how to build one.