M270 A1 MLRS from 1/142 FA

To celebrate my new job, I decided start one of my heart projects.

I bought Trumpeter´s Norway MLRS kit for a good price 65 Euros.


First step: Some substantial modifications to the APU.

New DVE housing


Congrats on your new job mate- looking forward to this build log!

Two questions to the ones who know.
Will the interior of the laucher be painted sand on a sand vehicle?
Does anyone have pics of the area below the lancher where the drive sits? Maybe I try on cabling.

Looking good. It’s always nice to see another MLRS being built. The APU is Dragon’s, correct? Are you planning on using the A/C unit as well?

The interior of the LLM (Launcher/Loader Module) is usually dark green on both sand and NATO camo versions.

The cab interior is seafoam green like most US vehicle interior.

I don’t have any pics of under the LLM, but there are only a few cables/wires since the A1 version has an electric drive motor as opposed to prior versions w/hydraulic drives.

I use the A/C unit, too. but I cut it in half and reduced the width slightly.my track is have the Harris loop antenna with it´s electronic unit (transformer?). I also build the DVE housing, but more of them later.

Still WIP, the “electronics” suite on the cab roof.


Looking nice. Good job on the scratch work.

More progress.Took a coser look at the APU and found they it needs a makeover.


I just ordered Voyager Model PE set to address some “errors” of the kit

would make a great diorama. Lets hope that someone releases M985 A4 and M987 A4.

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Nice work on the APU.

Yes, any A4 HEMTT would be awesome. All we need is one and them you can convert/kit-bash it into just about any HEMTT model type.

Started building the PE rack in the cab. Now I wonder what could be stored there except radios and electronics? Maybe a good oldfashion map. Is there a stowage plan for the interior?

Other than the radios and other coms gear, I don’t know of any standard load plan for the empty racks. They are a great place to store smaller personal items and snacks though. A map could go there as well.

Go bags. Every crewman needs one.

Wat iss’n det fuer’n neue Arbeit? Google translate can’t even handle that one. :smile:


Good to know. The Voyager PE set is coming along nicely.

Stahlmöbel Gestelle. Bohren und schweissen.

Interessant. Mein eigener Entwurf:

Congratulations on your new job.

Great start with the scratch building of the details.


Ja, ja, selbst ist der Mann. Good job!

Finish the interior, improved with Voyager PE set.

Also installed the correct fire control unit from Dragon kit.


Nice job. The interior is looking good.