M270A1 MLRS Maintenance project continued...w/link to old forums post - Done!

Simply superb Gino, superb. That is what I call modelling. Fantastic.


PS And your next project…?

Thanks Brian.

Still deciding on what will be next. More to follow…

Awesome work Gino :sunglasses::+1:

Thanks James.

Gino, a bit late for this, but the fuel separator/oil filters you have mounted to the transmission are relocated to the access door on the MLRS. So you have two sets of them :slight_smile:

Oh well, guess the fuel/oil will be really clean then.

Awesome job Gino

Thanks. It was a fun and rewarding build.

Gino, just joined this site to follow along with you. You do wonderful work. I’m not sure if I’m up to contributing to ANOTHER forum, but if the quality is as good as what you do, I’m up for it.

Thanks Myles. Welcome aboard.

I’m coming in late to this build but I think this bears saying - absolutely fantastic work Gino! Stellar work on all that detail :slight_smile:

Thanks kunjuro. It was a fun build.

Hi Gino…it looks great.


Thanks Ralph. I enjoyed building it and really like how it turned out.