M2A2 Bradley help request

I want to model a M2A2 Bladley from Operation Desert Storm. Tamiya’s kit# 35264 is an M2A2 ODS, which was actually issued a few years after ODS based on operational lessons learned. My question is: Does the Tamiya kit 35264 contain the parts needed to build a Desert Storm M2A2? What parts would I need to add, delete, or scratch build?

I’m aware of the Tamiya kit#35152 which actually represents an ODS vehicle, but have been unable to find one. They seem to be rarer than an honest politician!

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There is one extra sprue (F) in the M2A2 ODS kit. Do not use most of the parts on the lower half of it. They are the ODS parts. You can use the spare road wheels and water cans. You can also use most of the gear on the upper part of sprue F, with the exception of the sleeping bags. The figures are wearing gear that is newer as well, so they are also out.

Sprue F

Also, add the front swim barrier part back as well.

The other thing you need is the older, triangle block tracks. Unfortunately, the metal and plastic replacement sets of these won’t fit the Tamiya sprockets since they have the wrong count of teeth (10 as opposed to the proper 11). I have a couple sets of Tamiya rubber band triangle block track if you want them, just let me know.

The instructions for the M2A2 kit are here, scroll down.

Also, if you want to add a bit more detail, the partial interior from the original Tamiya M2 (or Academy’s copy) is correct for an Desert Storm M2A2 as well.

This may help too: M2/M3 Bradley Reference Archive


@HeavyArty Gino’s that’s an outstanding thread with lots of excellent info! :clap:

Thanks. I hope it is helpful to many.

Many thanks! I am constantly impressed by the level of knowledge on this forum and the willingness to help others. Onward with my M2A2! By the way, I’m a long time aircraft modeller just starting to dabble in armor. I’ve been bitten by the Desert Storm bug.

@HeavyArty once again Gino, you are a god send.

I have the same tamiya ODS kit and didn’t notice the issue with the tracks and the info about the other kit items is good to know as well.
would this tamiya ODS kit be more suitable for OIF or were there any more significant changes?

P.S. if you have an additional set of those triangular pad tracks, I would be grateful if I could buy a set from you.

The Tamiya M2A2 ODS kit (35264) is correct for an OIF vehicle (or post Desert Storm) and has the correct tracks for that era.

The Tamiya M2A2 kit (35152) represents a Bradley used during Operation Desert Storm ('90-'91) and has the older, triangle block tracks that are correct for the time frame it represents as well.

It just depends on when you want your Bradley to represent.

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I think they have a shot for that!

@HeavyArty I was aiming for an ODS Bradley to put next to my recent Sheridan build but I might be able to get the earlier tamiya bradley and keep the ODS version for an OIF build/campaign in a year or two for the twentieth anniversary.

let me know what you think.


That sounds like a plan. Good luck on both.

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incidentally I found this picture of two M113’s in Iraq, possibly Iraqi army versions as they have different tracks on them

They are the newer T150F tracks that have started showing up on US M113A3s in the last few years.

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That looks like a bit like half a track from an M1 tank. I wonder if the end links and maybe the outer track pad are interchangeable? I love stuff that makes supply more efficient.