M2A3 and M3A3 Bradley Features

What are the exterior features that distinguish between the M2A3 and M3A3 Bradley?


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Thanks for posting your pic on the internet, as I just copied it out of a search in 2014, according to the post date. It was/is very useful.

More Bradley info below:

A few more questions on the M2A3 Bradley …

  1. Shown in photo ‘a’, what is the function of this antenna (highlighted with red)?
  2. Is this antenna of a standard length?
  3. The Bradley in photo ‘b’ has what appears to be a sighting mechanism (highlighted with blue).
    In various photos of M2A3s, this device seems to be absent. Could it be that an alternative
    sighting technology has rendered it obsolete?



A is a newer long range FM antenna. It is about 6 feet tall.

B is a backup sight that comes on all Bradleys (and always has) from the factory. Some crew remove them or they get damaged and fall off as they are just plexiglass with a reticle on them.

It’s the commander’s ring sight, connected to the gun mantlet armor via an articulated arm. This allows the commander to quickly aim at targets such as low-flying aircraft by lining them up with the plastic crosshairs and an aperture sight.


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Some photos.
Seen from the front. Plexiglass/plastic piece in place.

Plexiglass missing.

As seen from the side.



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