M2A3 Bradley - M7A3 BFIST

Did they replace the tow with a different armament on the Bradley looks completely different.

That’s because this isn’t an M2, but an M7 BFIST. Where a normal Bradley has the TOW launcher, this vehicle has a suite of target aquisition equipment.


Yes, it is an M7A3 BFIST.

Thanks for the info,That would make for a nice conversion i think

Yes, it does.

1st Cav

1st ID

There is now a 3D printed targeting head from Model-Monkey to make the conversion easier.


i just found that now!!How is the quality of the conversion,I was thinking on getting the Kinetic kit for it.

The Model-Monkey targeting box is very nice. I assisted in its design and have one for another build. The sand one was for a customer. The camo one above is the Orochi M3A3 (origin of Kinetic kit) , so you will be good. Here is my build review of the Orochi M3A3 for some tips. I swapped out the TOW box for the Targeting box after the review.


You will also have to extend the rear light guards to make room for the extra antenna mounts and fab up a cable reel holder for the right side rear stowage box.

M7A2 BFIST, but same setup, a little easier to see.


Okay; this peaks my interest.

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