M2A4 Bradley being tested

Well, this was a surprise, I see a few minor external updates

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I took a few photos at Fort Hood a few months ago when I saw the newest Abrams again. Funny, nobody in the Army cared, but boy do those BAE folks get pissed.

Externally, it looks the same as an M2A3 to me. I guess all the changes/updates are internal.

“The Bradley M2A4 features the latest digitized electronics for optimum situational awareness, network connectivity and communication within the Armored Brigade Combat Team. It is equipped with a wide-angle Driver’s Vision Enhancer, improved Force XXI Battle Command Bridge, and Below (FBCB2) software integration improve friendly and enemy vehicle identification, enhancing situational awareness. The addition of a High-Speed Slip Ring, greater network connectivity and Smart Displays that simultaneously display classified and unclassified information also improve situational awareness.”

Helps my BAE stock keep going up! :money_mouth_face:

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Helps my BAE stock keep going up!

Yes, but it’s a tad annoying. The quarterly dividends don’t rollover into new stocks automatically. At least not on Fidelity. You have to do it yourself. All others rollover automatically.

A few A4’s at Hood:

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Not on eTrade either… :dizzy_face:

Hay Rob, great images, are you able to share any of the newest version of the venerable Abrams, please? That’s with the APS? Really looking forward to a kit of that.

And if you want to “Next-Up” the Bradley A4, BAE has the Next-Generation Bradley model ready. Amazingly, this was posted in 2016, four years ago…my how time flies.

Breaking Defense Shows the Next-Generation Bradley at AUSA 2016

Newtonk, you mean this M1A2 SEPv3 “Bad Boy?” :smile:

Photo courtesy of General Dynamics Land Systems at AUSA 2020 and granted to use with GDLS’s permission.

More like this!

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What is the device over the COAX? Sorry, I didn’t mean to make a M2 thread into a M1A2SEPv3 thread.

I would dare say MILES, or whatever incarnation it is these days.

Ah, that makes sense! At first I thought those were Laser Warning Receivers because if they are, wow, then it wouldn’t be so hard to make a M1A2SEPv4 which will have LWRs.

If MILES, looks like the lights went LED and no need for that flashing amber dome light on the roof.

Hi Trisaw, nah, I was more thinking something like this big daddy,

I read they are testing a 50 mm for the Bradly.

It is MILES 2000, which is wireless. There is still a CVKI (Combat Vehicle Kill Indicator) light, it is just out of sight on the left rear of the turret in this pic.

The above M1A2 SEP V3(?) has the TROPHY system installed.

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Does the TROPHY APS reload itself automatically? I wonder why the side box is so long over the toolbox…is that for all the electronics, or is there mechanisms inside that automatically reloads the firing plate?

The Woodland camouflage M1A2 with TROPHY by Newtonk is a M1A2SEPv2 with add-on enhancements of turret armor and TROPHY, but it’s not an authentic SEPv3. The Sand-colored M1A2 with the MILES 2000 by HeavyArty is an authentic M1A2SEPv3. How can one tell the difference? The rear mudflaps are a dead giveaway for a Version 3 as is the Low-Profile CROWS II over the TC’s hatch.

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Oops, sorry, I’ll pull it, a little over eager to post

Some more info on the M2A4 upgrades:

After the Iraq War, the Army began researching engineering change proposals (ECPs) for the M2 Bradley to buy back space, weight, power, and cooling capacity reduced by the addition of armor and electronics hastily added during combat.

ECP1 will work to restore mobility and allow the vehicle to handle more weight. As weight increased, the Bradley got lower on its suspension, which reduced ground clearance. This decreased mobility on rough terrain and left it more vulnerable to IEDs. The effort will install lighter tracks, shock absorbers, a new suspension support system, and heavy weight torsion bars.

ECP2 will restore automotive power with a larger engine, a new transmission, and a smart-power management system for better electrical power distribution to accept future networked tactical radio and battle command systems.

The first Bradleys upgraded with ECP1 were fielded in mid-2015, and the first to be upgraded with ECP2 were fielded in 2018. Vehicles that receive both the ECP1 and ECP2 upgrade will be designated A4. The M2A4 is equipped with an enhanced drivetrain, more powerful engine, new digitized electronics, a new fire suppression system, and a new IED jammer.

On June 14, 2018 BAE Systems Land and Armaments was awarded a contract to produce up to 164 M2A4 and M7A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicles using existing M2A3, M7A3 and M2A2 ODS-SA Bradleys.

It has a new, wide-angle (3 lens) Driver’s Vision Enhancer and T161 tracks. Not sure what the black thing is on top of the turret or black line on the left side top of the front glacis plate. Any ideas?

That black stripe below the turret is also on the Abrams V3, could never figure out what it was or get a good clear pic of it