M41 "Gorilla" (155MM SP)?

As I recall, Bronco was going to release a 1/35 M41 “Gorilla” (155mm SP) in 1/35 a few years ago. Best I can tell it never was released. Does anyone have any info re: this late WWII / Korean War SP arty?

The only M41 kits I have been able to find were complete resin kits …released years ago.


There’s an old CMK kit here:



$189 bucks ?!? No thanks.

Thanks! I’d seen the CMK “gorilla” kit some time ago and just wondered if anyone had come out with a newer kit.

The reason I’ve asked about the M-41 is: I did a Korean War dio several years ago of “Task Force Dog”, the 3rd ID’s task force that also was involved in covering the marines’ withdrawal from the Chosin.

The task force was made up primarily of elements the 3rd Inf Div’s 3d Bn, 7th Inf Regt, the division’s organic AAA unit, and the 92 FA BN and other direct and general support units. The arty units were both the 92nd FA Bn (with 155mm SP M41) as well as the 999th FA Bn (also equipped with M41s),

My dio (hopefully some pics attached) captured a M4A3E8, an M16 GMC (quad 50) and a M19 GMC (twin 49 mm …not a “duster”!). I was thinking of expanding the dio to include one of the major combat elements, the SP arty of the 92nd FA. So, trying to find a “gorilla”.

My dio pics of “TF Dog”

Thanks y’all!



A few more TF Dog dio pics:


Unfortunately, Bronco has not yet released their announced M41 155mm HMC. Being an optimist, I still have hope.

I do have the old CMK resin kit in my stash. It’s been there for something north of 25 years. As far as resin kits go, it doesn’t look bad. The casting is clean - I’m not seeing any pin holes, fisheyes or gels. The mastering is quite good with nice details. The hull is a single “cheese block” casting. It doesn’t appear to be warped. The suspension is cast in white metal to support the weight of the hull. The resin tracks are molded in four runs and look pretty good. The gun is only so-so. Both of the fighting compartment sides on mine are broken but can be fixed or replacements scratched. So, if you can find the kit, it might be worth the effort. I keep holding off waiting for Bronco.

The other option is to do a scratch conversion from an M24 and the excellent Bronco 155mm. This would require a fair amount of scratch building for the lower carriage, ammo storage, and fighting compartment. But as far as projects like this go, it’s not too bad.

I am in the same boat on the M52 105mm HMC. I have the resin kit but, I keep holding off waiting for someone to produce one in styrene. It continues to amaze me that we are hip deep in good new Panther/Tiger/Pz IV/Sherman kits, and these subjects have no kits.

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And, as many of you are probably aware, the M4s (Easy 8s) were also assigned to the Infantry Divisions’ Regimental Tank Companies during the Korean War. Just sayin’ !

Thought about trying to make a reasonably decent model from the CMK kit but, your assessment and ones that I have read previously, discouraged me.

Hmmmmm, converting and scratch building a M41 from a M24 (upon whose chassis the M41 was based) might be a “bridge to far” for me but, it’s an intriguing idea!!

I have the CMK kit. The problem is that the gun pieces were based on Italeri (Peerless Max) kit, which was significantly overscale.

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RedLeg2Scale, Mike Del Vecchio, did a nice scratch conversion. Unfortunately, his site is based on Flash, which is no longer supported, and I’ve not found other photos of his excellent build.

And the suspension, if not hull, is based off the Italeri M24.

When I had the CMK kit I bought an Italeri howitzer kit simply because it would’ve been easier to deal with plastic than resin.

The Peerless M1A2 is not overscale, it’s not actually to a scale. I measured one against the kit and it was 1/36 in some places, 1/31 in others, and everywhere in between.


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A Lexington, Kentucky based company!

Bearing in mind there are new kits of both the 155mm Howitzer by Bronco(?) and the M24 by AFV club(?) you might have a better start ?

aannnd the M19 AA-gun carriage which has moved the engine forwards et.c

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I forgot the M19A1 Twin 40mm mount! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’ve even got that in the stash!

Here is one that Ralph “Mech” scratch/converted on this site a while ago.

Scratch built US M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage - Armor/AFV - KitMaker Network

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Nope. Somebody might, but not me. I might buy the Bronco kit, but I’m not interested in scratchbuilding one or buying a resin kit.



M41 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage Walk Around Page 1 (primeportal.net)

Smart decision :+1: