M48A3 vietnam version

A recently produced version of Tamiya M48A3 Vietnam War. The work period lasted about a month, and the paint used Vallejo Acrylic paint, and Mig products were used for pigmentation. Please evaluate if it was made well. Thank you for watching my work Have a good day


Looks good. :+1:

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Oh yes, it sure looks good!

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Thank you :blush:

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Thank you so much😃

Having seen many 48A3’s at Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia belonging to the 11th “Blackhorse” Armored Cavalry Regiment before they deployed to Vietnam, yours looks spot on as far as the build goes.

I am not sure how the Marines marked their tanks, so I cannot speak to that at all, but I do recall the bridge classification markings painted on the front hull of the 11th ACR’s, where you have it on the rubber skirt on the right front fender. Is there some reason you chose to deploy the snorkel?

Really did a great job on this.

Great build and painting/weathering! Is this pretty much an out of the box build? Did you correct the hull height by chance?

It came out pretty nicely. The biggest thing that draws my eyes though is the incorrectly molded Tamiya tracks. The center guide teeth should be between the tracks (connecting them, like the spare tracks are molded), not in the middle of each track block. I suggest replacing them with an AM indi-link set like AFV Club’s. It would add a lot to the final presentation. It is a shame to have a very nicely finished model with the crappy Tamiya tracks.

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Nicely done! Good job on putting some life in the monochrome OD. The weathering is great.

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Good job indeed.Well done,

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Very nice!

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Tamiya Kit’s track seems to have a lot of errors Some analysis articles seem to have a lot to revise overall, but I don’t dare to. If I have time, I will revise it.
Thank you

I made an extra wooden box And through the hull work you mentioned, I lowered it a little bit Are you all right?

Thank you so much :pray:

Should there be no snorkel in the version I made? Tommy, it’s right that the M48A3 kit illustration doesn’t have it :sob:

Hi Michael,
It’s hard to tell from the photo if the hull was lowered. In my current build, I followed this blog faithfully: Building the Tamiya M48| Paul Budzik | Fine Scale Modeling.
Yours is inspiring me to finish my M48A3 build.

Kind regards,


Thank you for your kind guidance I’ll refer to it and fix it I hope you have a good day

There is a drawing of C23 on the Tank Encyclopedia web site, and the drawing does not include a snorkel, either stowed or raised. It is the tank that Tamiya used for design of the kit, and the box art clearly shows that the model our friend has built is correct in all respects that I can see with the exception of the Playboy Bunny insignia on the turret, and of course the snorkel. There is also a photo of a Marine M48A3 on the same site showing the rear of the tank very clearly. I don’t believe it is the same tank, but there is no provision for a snorkel being mounted over the rear grill.

That takes nothing away from the model as presented. It is extremely well done, and I wish my poor skills were half as good.

Anyone not familiar with Tank Encyclopedia, Google it, select Cold War tanks, then The Americas, then United States. All of the major vehicles in use from 1946 to 1991 are displayed, Select M48, and start scrolling down. You will first come to the photo I mention then keep on scrolling until toward the end some really first class color drawings of many versions of the 48 are shown. C23 is about half way down.

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Thank you so much for your sincere advice on my work It’s been a year since I started plastic modeling, so I’m lacking a lot With the help of the people here, it’s hard to fix the whole thing, but I’ve made some changes We modified it for a short time, including snorkel removal and some Vietnamese dust. One thing I haven’t fixed is that I can’t find where I put Playboy Bunny right now :joy:


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What’s the matter with you Michael? One does not lose a Playboy Bunny.

It’s been sixty five years since I started plastic modeling, and I am still not nearly as good as you are.

Remember this, my mounted brothers, do what they darn well please, that works, in regard to what they put on and what they leave off their mounts. The Blackhorse 48A3’s I mentioned at A. P. Hill looked like a track laying junk shop in the field