M48A3 vietnam version

I’ll remember. Thank you for your nice words. I wish I could see your work

Wish to see my work!!. No you don’t. Looking at them brings on the symptoms of Covid 19, and it may be fatal.

It might interest you to know that Rubicon Models will shortly be bringing out an M48, buildable in several versons (all in one kit) in 1/56 scale. Most of my stuff is in 1/100, which I really like for the purposes I use them for. The 1/56 scale is another, like 1/100, war gaming scale, and the models for the most part are quite good, and very detailed considering the size. They are relatively simple to construct, and all of them come with superb decals.

Along with the 48, they will be releasing a Sheridan, and M113 (several versions in the same kit including an ACAV), a T54/55, and a Russian wheeled PC the name of which I forget. To top it off they are releasing a UH1D Huey.

The first release in the Vietnam series was an Australian Centurion Mark V. I built that one, and thought it a great kit.

Used to build only 1/35 scale, but I just don’t have the space to either display or store models that big anymore. That’s why I only build a few in 1/35 and concentrate on the smaller scales - storage.

Best of good fortune to you, and do try one of those Rubicon kits. Google Rubicon Models USA to see what they offer.

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Thank you for the recommendation.:smile:

is’t a good dirty boy!
probably the simply way to update your job it’s to put some pin to re-create the tracks weight

So modelers choice on the snorkel, it is for fording water bodies and can be added and removed at will.

For examples with it installed.

I had liked it because you don’t see it installed often. To each their own.

The bunny is not a standard unit marking and I am sure there is times that specific vehicle had and didn’t have the bunny. So nothing wrong with leaving it off unless you wanted to model a specific timeframe when it was installed again modelers choice.

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Thank you so much for the exact explanation and link.

I removed the snorkel today.

Looking at the information you shared, I don’t think there’s any problem leaving it.

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I will say that it would have been removed “shortly” after a water crossing. I haven’t read that it happened that I recall in Vietnam (doesn’t mean it didn’t happen either) but in other wars with other tanks Marines have left the device in place to help keep down the dust to give away their location.

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I would like to make the m48 series again by referring to this site.

I don’t know, but is the evaluation criterion that it’s usually well made heart?

Kind of a moot point for this build, but still germain to the discussion…

When the snorkel is fitted, it has a support rod on each side (of course missed by Tamiya).


Looks good. As far as I could find out the only time the wading “snorkel” was used in Vietnam was during the public relations photo op “landing” in Da Nang in 65. I built the same kit, Amphibious Training, Camp Pendleton , 1974. Markings are pretty much same as early Vietnam. The kit builds as a 67 version , the G305 cupola riser, bulged TC hatch and barrel guard (to keep .50 cal from shooting the search light) were part of the Mod B upgrades. Army go theirs from the factory, USMC received kits to do the mods in country.

With 14th ACR M48A2, Fulda, 1962. “A2???”


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Could have been used to cross any body of water. That mission would have been a day or two with the snorkel and then removed. Just like the Camp Pen tank you modeled. Mostly wouldn’t have made any reports, head lines or photos.


At the bottom shows that same image you posted. Seems like a Marine A3 doing a field mod?

I would love to see a close up of the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment M48, if you have one available. Did not realize they had A3’s that early (62).

I wonder if anyone has ever taken that Tamiya kit as a base and created a 48A5? I think I have all the parts except the Israeli designed Urdan hatch, in the spares box. Anyone have and suggestions where to get the hatch? The tankers I knew that had the A5, thought it the best of the bunch and preferred it to the 60A1.

For those interested in the 14th ACR, I watched a You Tube video recently of one of those Army produced “Big Picture” films from the 50’s and 60’s on the 14th at Fulda. Great color shots of 48’s, 113’s and 114’s.

I sure do enjoy seeing everyone here’s work

Def Models makes one.


Personally, I would (and did) use the much better Dragon M48 kits (M48A3 Mod B is the best starting place, or the Dragon M48A5) as a starting point for an M48A5. The Dragon kits are much better detailed and more accurate than the old Tamiya dog (in my opinion).


Damned good job. Looks nice.

Thanks for the tip on the hatch. I will make note of that for the future. The decision will be made once the 1/56 scale Rubicon 48 is released. If they follow previous practice, several versions can be made from the one kit, and there may be the appropriate parts for the A5 may be included. I am just running out of room for 1/35 scale tanks. I reserve my 1/35 purchases for “must haves”, and unfortunately not “just wants”

Thank you so much :pray:

Pic of the G305 install I posted is from that 4 shot set in that link. All of the photos I’ve seen of USMC (and Army) M48s in Vietnam I’ve seen no others with the exhaust trunk. Seems there’d be at least one photo.

Marines were the only folks using the snorkel, and by mid 67; most were gone. I can’t remember ever seeing a tank with a snorkel. Even the ones in the pile in Chu Lai didn’t have them. I suspect that they were from the first batch in country (1966/1967). A Marine M48 prior to 1968 never broke jungle much at all, and spent most of it’s life on the Highway One area. Never got beat up all that much unless it hit a mine. Then in 1968 things sorta changed and they found themselves in street fighting and running into hard points left and right. Then they got beat up pretty good. A similar tank from down south would be busting jungle, and everything was bent and beat up on them. A two year old M48 out my way looked like it’d been rolled down a mountain side.

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They didn’t have A3s in 62. As stated it’s an A2. (RIF!) Last 2 pics are the A2 with a Bundeswehr Kp. M48A2CG., and the Kp. M48 with a Kp.M48A2CG2. (M48 and Leo had a kid!)



There is two photos on this page and one on page 3. So granted they all appear to have the earlier turret.

Another with just the first stage added.