M48A3 vietnam version

Thanks for posting those photos Sluff. I obviously misread the caption on that photo. I suppose I had A3’s on my mind. Great builds.

Those tanks are definately from the Elvis Army of my youth. Good memories and my knees still hurt

Thank you so much for your data.

I’m going to make it with another goal.

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Happen to catch the tank name on the A2’s barrel? :slight_smile: A2 kits are the “new” (2012 molds) from Revel Germany. Not quite as good as the Tamiya A3, but … I liked them. (built all 3. )

As my brother used to say, " Tankers. Have to do something with those guys that can’t pass the ASVAB test."


It looks like Brutus, but seeing as though I was in the Elvis Army, the eyes are not exactly in sharpshooter condition.

I had seen those Revell of Germany kits. One mail order place that I know of has them, but just figured they were a repop of the old Monogram kit from the 1950-60’s. That was not a bad kit for its day. In fact all those Monogram kits, I think there were ten or so, were pretty much ahead of their time as I recall. The price is certainly right.

Great builds on those 48’s

Gunner, Heat, Tank!

Have seen the pic with the H-34 in the back ground. Hadnt noticed the exhaust in the shadows Has a Crouse-Hinds search light. I think those were phased out in 67, when the Mod B came in…

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A2, Brutus… :grin:. Here’s the link to the first of the RoG M48s. 2014 and 2019 were release dates. “Timeline” will link to the other two. Always good to recce a kit on Scalemates … has history, reviews, after market parts, builds, walk arounds. Great resource. M48A2GA2, Revell 03236 (2014) (scalemates.com)

Is it possible to move to a place where the track is off? It’s amazing

that picture tells it all. That places it in the 1965 to early 1966 time frame. I know just who to ask, and will ask soon as he gets out of the hospital. He was one of those Marines that came in on the landing barges.
He did both the DaNang and Phu Bai landings

Oh that’s not going to set well with the motor Sargent!!

Yes it does and I have seen that photo before with I thought more detail on what happened. It was the old site, this one or in Praying for Slack book, I just don’t recall.

Good to know. Interesting that it is missing a support cable for the snorkel and it appears the other one is a rod and not a cable.

Very nice work

Sluff: Curious about the brand and color of paint you used on those 48’s? Looks like Tamiya TS28 Olive Drab, but could not tell for sure.

It’s from Operation Starlight (August 18–24, 1965)



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M48A3 is USMC Forest Green … AK 4013. A2 is US OD, Hataka B065 , Kp M48A2CG is RAL6014 Olivgelb. (Forget who’s Model Master? ) and the A2CG2 is standard RAL NATO colors… forget who’s and probably a couple different brands . THe A2 ans A3 side by side show the difference in Army and Marine paint. Hope this shot shows the contrast between the US and Bundeswehr colors.


Thank you so much Tim.

These photos show the color much better. I really like the fact that you have chosen a lighter green shade for the canvas on the gun mantlet. You see it done so many times in a khaki shade, and I have never seen khaki canvas in the post war U S Army. Some green canvas faded more than others, but never khaki.

I really would like to do a 48 for a friend at church who served in the Blackhorse. Got a couple of others in line ahead of it, finishing a Panzer III, then going on to a Panzer IV D, but then it is on to a 48, in 1/56, or if that is not released soon I will build the Tamiya in 1/35

I share the final modified version I’m satisfied with this and I’m going to end it now Thank you, everyone


I like it very much, love the splatters on the front…

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