M52 tractor and fuel trailer

Hi all,

Just starting out on the new project. Real Model’s M52 conversion kit, a donor AFV M54 kit (not the Italeri M939 as I originally understood) and a civilian 1/32 trailer, complete with chrome rims and fittings.

I just washed the AFV sprues and it looks a beautiful kit. My first challenge is to get the frame length correct, while including the appropriate details on the frame rails.

Here are the dimensions on the M52 Tractor. They will show how much you need to shorten it. Convert to 1/35 and you will be set.

Here is the original M54 dimensions to compare as well.

Good luck and can’t wait to see it as you build it.

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Thanks Gino. Much obliged.

On a related note, I was initially confused by what I found in the RM M52 box. Expected cab, doors, hood, griile, fuel tanks etc. Got fuel tanks, a 5th wheel and some brackets and PE.

Everything else is the AFV donor kit.

I think it will be a relatively straightforward build.

I suppose it is the AFV Club M54 kit. I also have the Real Model kit which however does not explain how to mount the fifth wheel. Mind you that in the M54 assembly instructions there is an error: page 7 Step 10 is missing the indication of the piece C51, which is used to assemble the steering. Good work!

That is what Real Model did with all their M54/M800 sets that are now labeled, “For AFV Club Kit”. The sets only contain the parts that are not in the kit. On something like the M52, it is not an issue since the parts needed are not really dependent on the frame width to properly fit. On other sets, the size difference between the AFV Club M54 and the Italeri M923/5 kits (which the resin parts were originally designed to fit) is more obvious as some parts don’t fit properly.

if it can help you …

Thanks Smolensk! Should be helpful.

I think Part 5 of the RM conversion set is the base for Part 4, the 5th wheel you were asking about.

In case you did not start work on the 1/32 trailer; RM also produces a decent 1/35 M969 fueltrailer. It is a massive lump of resin, but the quality is adequate. It might be more to scale than your sligthly too large trailer.

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Welcome Gertmons. How is this your first post? I recognize the name from somewhere.

Hi Gertmons. I’d looked for that kit, but its out of production.

Do you have or know of one for sale?

If not, I’ll just plug on with the civilian trailer.

Some news; just spoke with Miloslav at RM. They are preparing a large tank to 3D print. Then the M969 trailer will be back in production.

I have one of the original ones…When they are done I will buy a few…

Oh did you mean the trailer? I was looking at your post below mine re the M800 cab.

What’s the M969 like to build?

Here’s the M52 frame so far. Gino provided dimensions and I compared the frame rails to my Hobby Fan M51 dump truck that has the same dimensions.

Its coming along well, but my goodness comparing AFV’s kit quality to some other older brands is quite an eye opener.


Did you cut the frame down for the M52? It should be shorter than the full M54 frame.

The key is the wheelbase in red, and the overall length in green (w/ and w/o winch). Convert these to 1/35 scale and you will be good.

I took your earlier dimensions, then double-checked against the M51 side rails. Overall its around 12 inches shorter than the M54.

Good deal. It just didn’t look like a shortened wheelbase.

Nice work. Good idea adding interior braces at the new joint.

Thanks but

If I’d planned it properly the cross section in front of the rear crossmember would have done a perfect job………

As it is, I had to trim it to fit “behind” the braces……………:frowning: