M52 tractor and fuel trailer

Next step in the M52 project. RM fuel tanks on and base coat of MM Sand.

Top pic (just) shows frame pieces removed.

I measured these at 0.370 inch/9.41 mm and 0.734 inch/18.63 mm

Onto the cab floor and interior next. :thinking:


Looking good. Keep at it.

Just spoke with RM. The fuel trailer is nearly ready for sale.

A bitt more progress on the tractor. Will clean up the pinwash runs and get the cab in place this week. Some nice PE from RM for the decking to go.


Nice job.

Thanks Gino, cab on today. Aligning cab to frame took a little fettling, plus I “lost” the grille, a mirror bracket and sidelight fittings in the process. I’m learning to leave a few things off the cab before its on the frame for my next 6-8 versions of the M52/800 on my list.

The RM instructions for the spare tire and toolbox deck behind the cab is pretty confusing.

ETA I worked out the PE directions for the RM kit, I’m slowly learning……


Looking at James’s work on the M800 conversion brings to mind the scope of “new” 5 ton trucks coming on the market;

Hobby Links’ M139 bridge truck and the M821 conversion from JL and AFV

H L’s M810 tractor/wrecker and M246 t/w using JL’s conversion on the AFV donor

H L’s M52 tractor for the AFV kit

Any number of uses for the M813 and M54, the list goes on.

Plus all of Real Models new items.

Is it worth a separate thread for this topic? Site protocols and preferences would dictate, so…….

Cheers all.

Sweet! I love these girthy rigs, looks like business. Standing by to stand-by.

A little more progress. 5th wheel ramps, spare wheel rack base and walkway.

Lots more to do but its coming along.


Looking good.

Thanks Gino. I think Ive overdone the tires with wash. The few pics I’ve seen of these pulling fuel trailers in Saudi are all on-pavement scenes, with clean tire treads. Guess this was mostly the case?

I think they look fine They look well used and dirty to me. No issues.

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I would use pigments to give it a powdery look on the entire bottom, not just the wheels


I take your point Raul but Im trying to depict an M52 used to haul fuel in Saudi during the buildup to ODS. Im not sure how much time these vehicles spent off-road, but according to the one pictured and a later M915 doing similar work - not much.

Happy to learn otherwise from this great community though

Here’s the M52. Real Model conversion of the AFV kit, with DEF wheels on kit hubs. I’ll be working on a fuel trailer later this week.

PS. The camera revealed a gap between grille and side panel. Will be fixed.

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It looks nice. Great job on it. I’m looking forward to seeing the fuel trailer. Did you decide on the M1062?

Thanks man. Praise from you is praise indeed! Yes, I’m at the bench now working out where to cut for an M1062.

Dont want to mess this up……

:+1: Sounds good.