M577A2 Questions and Build

Morning all, I’d like to build an ODS era M577 and having read some comments on other sites, the Tamiya M577 isnt the best tool for the job.

Comments suggest using the Academy M113a2 as a base with the 577 hull. Can anyone explain the reasoning for this? Ive got a Tamiya M113a2 but this may have flaws, but what are they?

I saw Gino posted re his conversion of this kit but the links no longer open.

Thanks all in advance.


The Tamiya hull is really an M113a1 hull and is less detailed than the Academy hull. I used a Tamiya hull on mine. It take quite a bit to bring it up to speed.

Here is my build at Finescale Modeler.



Legend now has an M577 Detailing Set as well.

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@HeavyArty Yea, what he said. Honestly, the Tamiya kit, old as it is, is the only kit of a 577 to date. They just added parts to their M113 kit, so it is real easy to just add them to the Academy kit, which is much more accurate. For after market, besides the Legend set, the is a PE set from Eduard. Good luck!

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Thanks Gino

From what you and Ken have said I’d better find an Academy M113. I’ll study your build log as it seems there’s a lot involved.


Cheers Ken, always appreciated.

I am always amused when people say that the Academy kit is the better M113. It isn´t. If you can affort it do the following:

  • buy Tamiya M577 and AFV Club M113A1.
  • add Legend Production M577 conversion
  • and finally put Model Kasten M113 tracks on.
    Then you have a perfect M577 kit at a 120 Euro pricetag.
    And if you are really crazy, you can build the generator from scratch like I did. :grin:

I agree, the AFV Club version is better detailed than both Tamiya and Academy’s offerings, but, it is also an A1 and will need all the same updates as the Tamiya one. At least Academy’s M113A2 has some of the updated parts; A2 engine deck, exhaust flapper and guard, second shock, second vent for the heater, proper trim vane handle, etc., etc. I think it is a better starting point.

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I agree with all the above plus (to me) the detail on many parts - trim vane, road wheels, jerry cans, etc. is better, and it has the correct (A2) engine and interior parts. I also like the accessories that come with the academy kit.

Having studied the above I’m putting this project on hold for now.

Ive got the roof in the Tamiya kit, but need stuff from Academy and some AM suppliers.

So, back to the current build, an M813 using RMs M800 tractor kit - pending RM sending me some missing parts.

The M577 project is back on track, SWIDT? Legend conversion, Academy M113 and R-Model tracks ordered. Tamiya M577 is there for its roof.

This wont be here, or built, for awhile but hey ho its in the stash!

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Hi all, about to start an M577, but I bought Legend’s M1068A3 conversion set in error.

Is there alot of difference in the appearance of an ODS era M577 and the M1068A3?

Any advice on this would be appreciated.

The M1068A3 has a different generator and lots more electronic boxes, as well as some other pieces of more modern gear. The biggest area that is different is the interior, if you plan on adding one. The M1068A3 has a steering yoke as opposed to laterals. It also has a bunch more electronics and electrical boxes inside since it is wired for computers.

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Thanks Gino, Ive been through the stash and have the Academy M113A3, the Tamiya M577 and the Legend M1068A3. If I want something for ODS (without a detailed interior) do I have to find the Legend set for it, or is the M1068 set a good start?

Look at the Legend M1068 set and their standard M577 set. You will see the M1068 set has lots of extra parts and a totally different generator. You can’t really build an M577 from the M1068 set, not a fully updated one. You can use the kit M577 generator and some of the common parts from the M1068 set to get a pretty detailed M577 though.

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I hve the upper roof parts from the old Tamiya kit and i have an Academy M113A1 ACAV coming. maybe get my hands on the legend M577 update set and build it like a somewhat modern, Not M1068A3 SICP modern, but let’s say, like a mid to late 90s kinda modern. Like the ones deployed to Kosovo as part of KFOR during Operation Joint Guardian.

That sounds like a good plan. That Legend purchase was one of those “later evening online purchases” that happen from time to time :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Yup, M577A2s. The Legend M577 set would be very helpful.

I have the M1068A3 set and plan on doing one with a full interior…eventually.

That was my original intent, but for that; I’d need an Academy M113A3 as base, along with the legend M1068A3 update set; or would an M113A1 work as well?

An M113A2 would be a good starting point as externally, the A2 and A3 are basically the same. The A1 would need some work, like I did on mine (link posted further up the thread, 2nd post).

I think I can wing it with the Academy M113A1 ACAV.

I was playing a while back with a spare engine cover (I have plenty of M113A1/A2/A3 spare parts) and built it, adding mesh to the top vents; so I could throw that one into the mix.

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