M60/A1/A3 in IDF Service Reference Thread

I will be transfering some old forum topic into this one. These will include a couple of completed models and I hope by the end to have covered all the variants of the M60 tank that the IDFused or converted/upgraded. A table that someone can use it this:

I will not be following any kind of chronological order for presenting my builds but I will try to explain the time period the vehicles were used as it is easier to determine the details and differences of each variant and subversion.

Hope I dont bore you with the details…

02b Magach 6 2

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Magach 6 - M60 slick post YKW

I used the Italeri kit no 6391 M60 Blazer with DEF models turret and air cleaners. Some scratchbuilding was done too.

Italeri/Esci M60 hull corrections:

a) General Corrections:

Bolt details have to be added to the headlight guards, fender support brackets, engine grilles hinges, travel lock, engine doors at the back and rear fender supports.

The cast texture has to be added to the engine deck.

The tensioner wheel arm has to be correctly attached to the first wheel not on the hull as Italeri has made it to. Remove the mounting hole for the tensioner arm from the hull.

Fill the gaps at the front and rear sides of the hull with plastic pieces.

Fill the back of the sprocket hubs.

Mud relief holes need to be drilled to the sprockets.

You need to correct the shape of the bilge water outlet at the front of the hull or plug the hole with a flange.

Replace the bump stops of the suspension with correct shaped ones.

Fill the holes at the back of the suspension arms. There must be a piece of plastic protruding there in order to hit the bump stop.

Add the two round transmission inspection covers at the rear end of the hull.

Correct the front fender bracket attachment point at the hull.

Add the support/ rubber pads at the inside of the front fenders, behind the headlights.

The travel lock needs a small piece of plastic under its mounting point on the engine deck.

Add the pulling levers at the fire extinguishing actuator box at the front of the hull.

Correct the fender support bracket holes. (size and number).

Correct the way the heater exhaust is mounted on the support bracket and drill the exhaust.

The infantry phone is either attached on the fender (early vehicles) or on a base above the fender. You have to add the wire for the phone.

b) For a M60 slick tank just follow the link: M60 MBT Page One

The Italeri turret is decent enough, just needs some detailing and some work on the manlet cover to remove the mold sims.

The Urdan cupola of the Italeri kit is too wide in diameter and tall, as is the Academy one I used. That is why Academy provides new cupolas in their Magach 6B Gal Batash and 7C Gimmel kits. But these cupolas are a little small in diameter, by a couple of mms. In order to get a correct Urdan someone must wait for Def model to release theirs, or correct the Academy M48A5K cupola. Unfortunately I had started my build when Def spread the news of their Urdan release.

IDF additions are the armored filters (actually a welded armored box over the side loading filters), uzi mounts on the turret for the loader and the commander, cupola and machine guns.

The vehicles saw service in their original configuration. So you can make a simple M60 painted in IDF colors, especially for the Yom Kippur war.

Other details are:

  • the antennas on the command vehicles, which are the same as my vehicle (2 spring bases instead of the one on the non command version)
  • the heater exhaust was later removed, before ERA was added
  • spare tracks on the left rear fender
  • a stretcher on the front right fender
  • sometimes wooden ammo crates on the back fenders etc

Completed model:

Please one of the mods/admins inform me if I need to change the style of presentation so as not to create any issues to the forums.


Which type/version of Merkava tracks did the M60 variants use?

Merkava 1 for the 6B Gal, 6B, 6M, 7A, 7C. The Gal Batash uses its own style of tracks.

Friul model sets one can use:


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Magach 6A Yom Kippur War 1973

This is the M60A1 AFV club kit. the assembly was pretty straight forward.

IDF changes/variations are:

0.30 cal machine gun on the cupola.
Did not use part B4 (bildge water ejector?)
Used all four parts D26 on each side of the suspension (lifting eyes).
The infantry phone goes on the fender not above it on a mount.
Did not use photoetch parts GA12 (extra triangular brackets for the rear stowage bins).
I removed the handles from the air cleaners so that they look like the later ones, since I do not have any photo showing a vehicle with the earlier style air cleaners.
One detail missing from the AFV Club kit is the searchlight stowage support at the back of the turret. I used the phototetched parts from the Eduard set for the Italeri/Esci M60A1 kit.

Completed model:


Great job on those Israeli M60s ! Love the finish

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Outstanding build project! Look forward to following it. Very nicely done!


Very interesting topic and lots to build !! The ones shown look really good and looking forward to seeing more when you do them. :+1::+1:

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And a teaser for what will be posted the following days:


I guess I’m screwed then and will have to buy the Meng kits :wink: :rofl:


Wait for it…

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Nikos, which version is the next to last picture in the original ones you posted… It looks like it has a square front to the turret ?

Magach 7a. The most difficult conversion at the moment


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That one has an interesting camo job.

Thanks Nikos, the 7a looks like a real chunk of metal compared to the other IDF M60s.

Next build is the Magach 6B Gal Batash.

It was the last upgradee/conversion to the M60A1/A3 family with new armor modules to the turret, stronger suspension parts and various other improvements.

One can distinguish two types of mantlet armor used, one with machinegun mount and one without.
There are two kits available, the recently released Meng kit which is almost perfect (does not include anti slip surface detail) and the Academy kit, which for its price is quite decent and can offer you a good representation of the real thing for a low price and easy build.

Some reference photos (feel free to ask for more close up photos if you are interested in a specific detail).

Notice the tracks in the last photo…


I started collecting what I needed for my build as soon as the Academy kit was released:
Academy kit, Legend productions detail set, Legend productions turret basket set, Friul tracks, Eureka wireropes, Legend productions Magach 6B Gal conversion set.

The worst part of the Academy kit is the lower hull. Fortunately Takom and AFV Club finally released their excellent M60 kits and so I used an AFV Club kit hull (got a bunch of them at lower than half price during a sale from a well know German e-shop last year).

The main issue adapting the AFV CLub kit for a Gal batash are the sprocket hubs. One way to overcome this is to use the hubs and sprockets included in the Legend 6B Gal conversion. Unfortunately the quality of the molds and the age of the resin in the three sets I have rendered the parts useless, so I resulted to modifying the AFV sprocket hubs so as to mount the Academy sprockets, after opening the lightening holes and their shape.

Some photos of the lower hull and the modification to the belly armor so as to fit the AFV club kit.

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For the upper hull details the Legend detail set provides all the nice details and the Academy specific Gal Batash parts can easily fit the AFV Club hull. Cautino must be taken when adapting the armor module at the front because the Academy front glacis is shorter in length than the AFV Club glacis.

The driver’s periscope is a modified Academy part, since the IDF used the thermal imaging periscope on all M60 family upgrades (something that the AFV Club Magach kits dont include, Mend does).


In firepower and armor protection how does a Magach 7a compare to a Merkava or M1A2 or Leo 2A6?

Firepower: All upgrades retained the 105mm gun same as the Merkava 1 and 2. The FCS of the 6B Gal, Gal Batash, 6M, 7A and 7C is comparable to the Merkava 3 Baz I think.

I am by far what you call an expert.

Armor protection. Not comparable to the Merkava 4 or 3D. Sufficient I would say to protect the crew.