M60/A1/A3 in IDF Service Reference Thread

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I think a 6b could be on the cards soon… I do like the look of it.

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The ‘Gal’ FCS was the forerunner of the ‘Baz’ installed in late Merkava Mk.3s. Some reserve units equipped with Magach 6 Bets later received the ‘Baz’ FCS. These were re-designated as Magach 6 Bet ‘Baz’.

The Magach 6 Mem (M) was equipped with the ‘Nahal Oz’ FCS, the forerunner of the ‘Lomedet’ that debuted on the Merkava Mk.2. The Magach 7 Gimel © was also equipped with ‘Nahal Oz’.

I think the Magach 7 Alef (A) had the same FCS as the regular (non-‘Gal’) 6 Bet.

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The gun is basically the same as in the Merkava Mk.1/2, the FCS and the protection are both at least a generation behind.

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Since I have the Meng Gal Batash would you be interested in presenting the build of that kit too now?

Would you like to see a comparison of the kitbash to the Meng kit?
  • Yes, show/compare both builds in parallel
  • No, one build at a time

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The turret.

Although a completely new tooling from Academy the turret requires some work to fit and sit properly on the AFV club hull. The rear lower part of the turret has completely wrong geometry plus one needs to add about 1mm of plastic card to the turret ring so as to raise it and keep clear of the aircleaners when rotating.

The Legend turret basket needs some work to fit properly but it is a superbly detailed part and a must have. I opted not to use the Urdan cupola from Legend and use the Academy piece, which is pretty decent. A suggestion for those using the Legend detail set is too glue the plastic steps that exist on the armor modules as per the kit instructions and then add the photoetch parts from Legend. This helps shape the pe properly and align them correctly without having to fill the gaps left by omitting the plastic pieces. Some sanding required to at the rear face of the armor modules.

Another problem area is the mantlet and the armor piece protecting it. I had to scratchbuild the mounts and add some missing details underneath the armor part. I also had trouble adjusting the part at the correct position, since the Legend resin mantlet has two slots for receiving the plastic part that dont align correctly.

The general fit of the turret parts is excellent and the engineering from Academy is really nice.

The barrel is a corrected casting by me, but I cannot recall the original maker of the after market item I used. Magic Models have released some really nice barrels for IDF vehicles, if I recall correctly they are offering one too.


If one wants to go the extra mile with the turret, he can remove and use all the armor modules on the AFV Club turret, but it is way more work than correcting the Academy shape. The Legend resin basket can be converted to fit the AFV Club kit too (take that in mind if you are planning to build a 6B Gal or a 6B from AFV Club)

Some more reference photos to help understand the comments above.