M60A3 WIP assembly almost complete

Here’s my latest WIP M60A3. Mostly from 1/35 ESCI M60A1 kit + some left-overs from a Tamiya M60A3 + scratch builds to convert the main kit to M60A3.
Ready for some painting. Constructive feedback would be appreciated.

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:astonished: :astonished: That is a lot of hard work put into the build. Impressive! :+1:

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James looks great so far. I see you included an aluminum wheel on the one side

I see an aluminum wheel on the other side too , missed it the first time. Really nice !

Hi Metal,
Yup, that was intentional based on some reference photos of M60A3’s with the aluminum wheels mixed in with the steel ones. Plus, I got tired of converting the kit ones to steel ones. :smiley:
Thanks for the comments, all.

James, nice work there - and I look forward to the finished model; just one thing: I don’t think the tie-down brackets on the rear mudguards existed but are possibly a Tamiya fiction. 'happy to be proved wrong.

Maybe it’s just the camera angle, but in one of the photos, the 50 cal looks to be angled off to the left.
Otherwise, awesome!

Sure yes there are lots of photos of the wheels being mixed

Ah, thanks for pointing it out Boots! Just got rid of those brackets with an exacto knife. Easy fix.
Tankerken, you’re right! It got bent when I was taking the photos. Just bent it back. :slight_smile: See

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You have the Hoffman Device installed, are you going to add all the MILES gear as well?

You’re talking about this, right, Ken?

Yeah, I’m thinking about it… Was kinda holding it off with other clear parts like the headlights. Also gotta put in the PE mesh to the storage basket… I don’t know. Scratch-building got me tired. :smiley:

Btw, where does the cable for the Hoffman device go into? I’ve seen it going into the loader’s hatch and going into the hole of the coaxial machine gun port? What’s the accurate way?

Anyway the crew wants it to go.

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:slight_smile: Yup, I need to put a tanker figure in it, too.

Love to see figs on them tanks bro !

Very nice ESCI M60A3 - well done!

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I was actually thinking of the older stuff, that’s what I am familiar with, but yeah, that stuff. You don’t have to include it, some FTXs just used the Hoffmans, some didn’t use anything.

Btw, where does the cable for the Hoffman device go into? - On Simfire, the loaders periscope was generally removed & that port used - Chieftain & M41 (NZ) both followed that route.

Similar systems, similar routes perhaps?


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When I made my Desert storm M60A1 15 years ago I used the tamiya M60A1 with ERA and the ESCI kit. For most part the parts are interchangeable and I chose the best of each kit .The ESCI kit is a good ktit. I also figured out how to paint the louvers on the back deck. I sprayed black into the louvers from the rear of the tank. I then sprayed the sand color at a 45 degree angle towards the rear of the tank. This left a perfect rendition of how the louvers look in real life with the deep part of the louvers black and the taller portions a sand color.


Added a tanker over the weekend. Very very slow progress. :slight_smile: Ready for painting now.