M6A2 Linebacker Bradley build

Very helpful! I’m away from the workshop but will study these as soon as I get back. Cheers!


The build continues.

I added a bit more detail in the crew area with PE straps on the Battery Charger/Stowage box.

I also built up the Meng turret interior and added parts to complete the details on the kit turret interior. These included a front wall, vision blocks, kidney and arm pads, a seat (that Meng missed, only putting the platform under it) for the TC, and detail parts from Meng. I also built a radio shelf at the rear of the turret.

I added vision blocks/periscopes and a handle to release/lift the hatch with.

On the exterior, I added some PE and detail parts up top. I also added shocks and detail parts to the lower hull. I will be using the sprockets, idlers, and roadwheels from the Oroche/Kinetic kit as well as their indi-link tracks.

Next up is paint and adding a bunch of detail parts on the interior.


Looks great. Since you’re using Meng’s interior parts on the Academy kit. How much modding you had to do to make all the parts fit? I’m curious to know.

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I just got my hands on this kit. I saw the video he posted on YouTube and how he built the whole thing and I’m glad he got these done.

Tamiya 1/35 M2 Bradley Corrected Replacement Suspension | eBay


The interior parts fit pretty well, just a bit of sanding here and there to get it to fit right, but nothing much. The biggest mod was to the Tamiya floor to make the turret ring line up under the opening in the Academy M2A2 roof.

I did pretty much the same as in the video, just not w/3D printed parts. I used parts from the newer Orochi/Kinetic M3A3 kit. I ordered some extra running gear sprues off eBay.

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Very nice work so far. Following this thread.

Thanks James. I hope to get some paint laid down on it soon.

I was able to get some paint on the parts this last week.

I painted the interior parts w/Krylon Pistachio from a spray can. It is almost a dead match for US interior seafoam green. We used to use it for touchup paint on our tracks.


I also painted the seats and fire extinguishers.


Stinger storage containers and their racks.


Various como gear and electronics boxes. The SINCGARS and Intercom system are 3D printed parts from our own Michael @MikeyBugs Goldberg. The rest are bits and pieces from other kits. The white lights are from the Meng M3A3 interior set.

Here is the Gunner’s Primary Sight (GPS) with Cadillacs for it.

Lastly, I reworked the Gunner’s hatch to the more modern version which is beefier and has a flat top. I also used a part from the Kinetic sprues for the hatch interior, along with replacing the handle with wire.

Next up is starting detail painting, decaling, and assembling the interior parts. More to come as I continue.

I also just picked up the suspension/wheel upgrade set off eBay for a future build, probably a Ukrainian M2A2 ODS Brad. The set looks great and almost the same as buying the two sprues needed for the parts to do it that way.


Nice start, keep up the good work!

Very nice progress…good idea for the interior green…

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Thanks gents. It is coming along.

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