M730 Chaparral

IMG_3486 Hi All. Here’s my latest attempt. When I built it OOTB it looked pretty sterile but I didnt attempt to alter the launcher unit. I added some of Value Hobby’s excellent cam nets, two Valkyrie crew members and some Tamiya packs. I also *attempted *emphasized text**the stakes on the upper hull, but dont have pics of the small steel rods at the top of each stake.

Then the missiles looked out of alignment so I remounted them. I claim no great knowledge or skill in this hobby, but I enjoy (mostly) what I do.

Trumpies LAV ADV is now on the bench.


I think you forgot to upload the pics mate.

Thanks petbat. Done now.

It Looks Great. Glad to see you are trying new things and enjoying the hobby.

You need to change the title. It is an M730 Chaparral when mounted on the tracked carrier. The M48 part is just the launch station. It looks pretty good. The figures are too modern though. They are wearing IBA body armor which wasn’t used until about 2002. The M730 was retired around 1994.

Fixed the title, can’t do anything about the rest though :innocent:

I do like your build. Stowage all looks good.
The missiles should be in OD, though.

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Thanks for that Gino. Im hoping to use the ODS - era figures that Matt is sending along as crew.

Thanks Robin.

Thanks for your comments. I’ll do something about the missiles when those crew figures arrive. Nice pics btw.

The assembly looks good. I am partly like you. You can go testing with a little wear or dirt. Vehicles are like children, when they set foot on the street they are already dirty and there is nothing more unreal than a clean armored or armored vehicle.

Looks pretty darn good. I’m not gonna beat a dead horse on the flaws. As long as you’re content with it, that’s what matters. Make notes of the corrections needed and move on to the next one!

Fine work, sir! :grin:

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“but I enjoy (mostly) what I do.”
That’s the key. Have fun and enjoy, and sometimes learn a few things along the way. :+1: :+1:


This was the pic I used for the missiles. Probably not US version I guess…


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That’s a US version. The Spring/Summer verdant camo is US. But those missiles are probably training or display rounds judging from tje vehicle set in a parking lot.
The ones that I posted above are live rounds with the yellow HE warhead bands. Not to mention the red caps over the rocket motor ends.

They are in fact dummy trying missiles, used for crew drills and static display.

Thanks, I’ll put them right when the figures arrive. Need something to make those yellow bands…

Thanks for the info.

Spray the area yellow. Wrap a thin strip of tape around the part and mark where the ends join and peel it off. Now you know the circumference to work out the length you need allowing for the gaps. Cut strips of tape to the right length and stick them on. Give a very light spray of yellow over that to seal the tape edge and stop any paint bleed from the green later. Then paint the whole missile your green making sure you only use a light coat of paint to prevent build up around the tape edge. Peel off the tape - voila a perfect yellow strip.


That’s excellent information and thanks very much. I’ll use that method, but im wondering if I should take the missiles off their rails to paint them?

The challenge of brush painting them in-place sort of appeals, but so does airbrushing them individually.