M8 sonderwagen

Dear all
I decided to assembly an M8 in BGS service

I’m starting to modify wheels


Like this one?
Image for discussion only

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Why do you want/need to modify them?

Scroll down and find some images of the Sonderwagen M8.

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I could have used the American model, but I wanted to contextualize it a bit more by using Continental tires…in theory…sometimes I start out like this: I keep a box in the middle for years then I get the idea and spend two evenings modifying wheels that probably no one will ever see …but what does it matter? I like it that way!


I understand.

True modelling spirit! I have a similar problem with my Sonderwagen 4 build. But I need Trilex rims for my build.

what size rim do you need? you can buy an old Barlux Fiat 697 or modify the German 88 wheel or there is the legendary firefighting vehicle Monogram…

Thanks, I will check my references for the size.

Do you know the type of gun installed?

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Purportedly the Hispano-Suiza HS.404 - or a variant thereof.

thank for support

Well, good luck with it all! It’s inspired me to make one too, like I need another tangent(!)

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I think it will be had to find any details of the mount.I will check by BGS books for this.

Some more Sonderwagen M8 pics form the net.
Sonderwagen M8_ (1)
Sonderwagen M8_ (2)

Sonderwagen M8_ (4)
Sonderwagen M8_ (5)
They seem to be “crudely” build.

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I’m offering this one up as I hadn’t realised that the ammo drum was external (to the turret); I’d thought it would have been inside, but clearly I thought wrong.

(borrowed from the www)

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Hi Brian, good find. I found some image´s in BGS book, both gun and MG1 equippped.

Images are for discussion only.
Why I have the sudden urge to build a Sonderwagen M8? :slight_smile:

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That is the trouble - the hobby is so stimulating!

I nwonder which M8 greyhound kit is the best? Tamiya perhaps.

I’ve just ordered one!

This damn hobby.