M813 with Fuel Tanks and Pump Unit (TPU)

Started this recently, it’s AFV Club’s M54A2 with an M800 series hood and grille from Mikey Bugs and the tank and pump unit from PSM. Wheels by Panzer Art.

I read on this board that the PSM instructions are pretty basic, so I printed MMK’s instructions for the same/similar unit.

The build so far……


Off to a good start. I’ll be watching this one.


You’re getting really ambitious! Nice build so far.

Matthew, are you talking about the PSM kit? I read on here that the instructions are pretty limited.

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Yeah. PSM is top quality but some of their kits are tough to build without external references.

JohnRatzenberger built one in ‘18. Tom Hathaway did too sometime. I’ve read, but not studied Tom’s log and it does seem there were problems with part identification and location. My first challenge will be to identify the (scale) dimensions of the lumber sections surrounding the tanks.

If you know of any references to this, please let me know?

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A few steps forward. I mounted the tranni too high up in the frame and consequently had some real fun getting the cab to sit correctly on the frame. Not going to stick to the instruction sheet on the next few of these I build, the cab and floor seems easier to fit without hood, wipers, tarp hooks (PE) on the back of the cab etc.


Looking good. Gotta love adding AM parts and getting them to fit right.

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Here are some reference pics for the TPU

Even more here :




I have the TM if you want it

Does this help?


Big help, thanks very much! The TM would be useful too.

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Thanks Frenchie. Much appreciated.

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Thanks Gino, that process starts this weekend.

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Wetransfer link for the TM for whoever wants to download it:


Moving on, I’m leaving the new hood until some slower-setting glue arrives. On to the cargo box, removing the hinges etc from the side panels I’m wonder if the receivers for the upper wooden panels stayed in place?

*** They stand slightly above the top of the side panel.

Then it’s on to scratching the metal floor to cover the M54-style wooden floor.

*** Sorted that out, smoothed side panels and on we go. Hopefully be something worthy of pics tomorrow.

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The build is coming along really good.


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Thanks Ralph, got the hood and grille on over the WE. Will post some pics as I move forward.

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Some progress on the cab and box. The M800-type bed is just lodged in place as is the canvas cab.

(no roof, canvas or steel-not sure…)

The gaps and paint should look better after a final a’brush coat and weathering.


That looks excellent now! Great work!

Too true. I’ve completed a few PSM conversions with what guidance came with the kit, but the Dozer conversion for the M48 left too many questions regarding parts placement. I ended up driving a few hours to Camp Pendleton just to take photos of the un-restored M48A1 with the blade that is parked away from public view. In the end, it came out OK, but was a challenge.