M915 color

Hi All. Will be building Trumpie’s M915 with trailer and container. Can anyone give me the correct Tamiya or Vallejo red paint code for the Seacan?

I don’t think there is a “correct color” for the red container. It is based on a civilian container. The US military-owned containers are either sand, green, or NATO camo.

Thanks Gino,

Think I’ll go with NATO green then.

The military does however use silly villain containers quite a bit. Since you ask specifically for a Tamiya color, try their Oxide Red. Even comes in a spray can. You will not be disappointed.
I think a little color breaks up the drabness of those kinds of vehicles anyway.

Thanks for that. I’ll take a look.

Talking of colors, just watched a “how to” vid on finishing canvas tarps on a WW2 GMC truck.

He used a combination of Vallejo panzer aces paints; canvas, then splinter and stencil to gradually lighten the base.

Has anyone used these on a ‘90’s era truck? (Thinking ODS)

Or is the color completely wrong?

I found this early ODS image for comparison. Not too different to the top image, with maybe a brown wash?

Hi All

Started my M915 and plan to do it in NATO camo. Question re the green paint for the exterior; is Tamiya NATO green good or does the basic color need to be lighter?

Also, what’s the correct color for the cab interior and seat cushions? Ive looked on the web and there seem to be several colors.

I need to correct color of interior to go with the tritone finish.

Thanks everyone.

Tamiya NATO green is correct for the green in the camo and the interior of the cab. You can use medium green if you want a little more faded look as well. The seats were seen in black, OD, khaki, brown, or any variation on those colors depending on when they were made and when/if replaced. Any of them are correct, your choice.

Thanks Gino. Much appreciated.

Hey Gino, Can you hook me up with someone to print some hubs for the DEF M54 wheels?

You could try James Lee. He started recently and is printing all sorts of things.

Thanks Gino. Contacting him now.

Having a fun time trying to get the M915 inside tires on their rims. The outside tires went on ok once id put the split rims the right way around.

Anyone out there have any ideas for the inside ones?

Sand them down………?