M915A3 Freightliner

@HeavyArty Gino, now your photos shows the 3D printed Freightliner cab very well. Yes, it will require some sort of smooth coating before painting but it’s promising indeed. I think a think coat of putty will help smooth things out.

Also, glad to see the doors are provided. The shapeway page does not show doors on the daycab photos. While searching more on these trucks I found couple of good photos that show the extra armor detail. Hope they will help you out also…

Photo credit Dan Pupek via Flicker


@Frenchy H.P., nice bit of information and photograph. I was excited when I saw these Cab Over Engine (COE) big rigs in military colors. I am not sure if there is a 1/35 COE kit or conversion, then again nothing can fully sure or unsure these days with 3D printing, but there is a wonderful kit in 1/25 of this truck and can be build similar :slightly_smiling_face: Future plans to being drafted as I type :grin:

Again, thank you for your contribution. :v:

You’re welcome. Here are some links to more views of the Dutch truck :


Looks like someone else has the same project (but the 3-tone camo looks off to me…)



Wonder if it is the same truck…


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I don’t know but someone sure needs a driver training. That’s just messed up cause that was a cool rig.

The COE Freightliners were ex US military but were surplussed about 15 years ago.

Loving this thread and watching closely.

Regards Jason

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What about a Kenworth ?

A US Air Force (USAF) airman from the 341st Missile Maintenance Group (MMG) waits outside by a tractor after the trailer (left) overturned during a Nuclear Accident Response Exercise (NARE) at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana” (2004) :

Larger view here

Here’s a more recent Freightliner Argosy now used by the 341st MMG :

Picture link


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@Frenchy H.P., oh man, thats another cool find. My last truck was Kenworth, though it was 800 series but solid.

If anyone wants to build a Freightliner then I can help with detail photos of it as it was my first truck I learned to drive. Here are few just to show what I mean…

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