M978A4 HEMTT Fuel Truck (Former M983A4 build)

Thanks John. I like how it is turning out. Should have some more pics soon. The cab details are almost done.

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Now watch trumpeter will release one of the A4 variants

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Thanks Nick. I hope they do. It has been a lot of work so far.

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Another update. I have detailed the cab, inside and out. I used the Eduard interior PE on it. I used pieces as they fit in the redesigned cab. It is a pretty good set and adds quite a bit of detail.


I also added support structures to the rear wall and roof.


On the front, I built the bumper(?) bar from square brass stock, bent to shape. I also added the cages around the lights from sheet and rod styrene.

I used @Petition2God James Lee’s 3D printed gladhands on it. They look great.

Lastly, I cut down the length on the exhaust and added the upper PE cage around it from the Eduard set.


I am waiting on @MikeyBugs Michael Goldberg’s 3D printed modern marker lights for it and a few other pieces to complete the cab steps. Other than that, construction is done. Now onto painting and detailing the cab interior.


That makes a big difference :+1:

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Really excellent built. If you plan to build a second one, contact me, i have the most parts for the m983 as left over.


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Thanks Andreas. If I had known that a while ago, I would have taken you up on it.

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Another great build, Thanks for sharing. A question, if I may: You mention you’ve ordered an additional PE deck from Trumpeter for the HEMTT tractor. How are you able to accomplish this?. I’ve not received responses from Trumpeter or Steven’s International, customer service for a defective part, much less attempting to acquire a duplicate part. Your secret please.

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Thanks for the compliments.

Trumpeter has a site where you can order sprues and kit parts from.

Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right and enter the kit number. You will see two options; one is to buy the kit, the other is After Service Parts. The second is to buy the sprues, etc. They are not very cheap, but are fast and good to buy from. I have ordered quite a few sprues and/or parts and never been disappointed. They carry Trumpeter and associated brands (Merit Int., Hobby Boss, I :hearts: Kit, etc.).

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Fantastic!!, Thank you Gino. I had not heard of Hobby DNA. I fumbled my way through and found both kits I needed parts to (one that was shipped w/defective clear parts, and the other, the PE) as you mentioned. Order placed. I’m curious, is Hobby DNA a “new” international distributor for Trumpeter and other made in China kits? The US importer (Steven’s leaves a great deal to be desired (like service) It appears, (at least thus far) that Hobby DNA seems to be a firm worth dealing with!! (fingers crossed) Thank you for your quick response and great info. Best regards. LAC

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Nice work Gino. I like what you are doing. To bad there isn’t a kit of this rig in the market to have all the needed parts oob.

Btw, those airbags…hmmm,


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The airbags are close enough for me. They will be mostly hidden behind the wheels anyways.

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Gino, I’m not sure Mike is questioning your depiction of the airbags (which is a brilliant solution, BTW) but what made me go hmmm is the design. I realize that these airbags are shielded by some pretty big wheels, but who put airbags in the suspension of a combat vehicle? A few stray incoming small arms rounds and your suspension collapses. Or didn’t “they” think that a HEMTT would ever be in a shooting war?

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In the rear with gear/supply convoy. Nothing bad happens with them. :roll_eyes:


I don’t know the reasoning, but that is what they have. I guess it isn’t a part that gets taken out easily. M1070 HETS have had airbags on the rear for years. Even the M911 C-HET had airbags on its load wheel as far back as the '70s. So, I guess it works.


So, I have changed direction on this one again. My daughter wasn’t set on an M983 tractor, and I already have one (earlier built M983A2), I really like how the A4 was looking, and I was going to build an M978 eventually (possibly as an A4) so it will now be an M978A4 Fueler, like this:


I started by cutting all the tractor parts off and cutting the frame just in front of the first rear wheel mount. I then added 30mm to stretch the frame to its full length. Another frame cross member added and a lengthened drive shaft and it is getting there.

Here it is so far with the fuel tank behind it.


Construction is just about done on the fueler. I built the Pro Art pump compartment this weekend. It is very detailed and goes together well. I really like how it looks. It also includes pump handles and doors, not pictured.


You can see above, as well as below, that I switched out the marker lights molded on the kit parts, which were pretty weak on details, with 3D printed more modern ones from Michael @MikeyBugs Goldberg. They really add some details and are pretty much required for a modern A4 HEMTT, 18 lights in all added.


I also built the front steps out of the cut down kit step, some PE runners, chain, and left over PE treadplate. The actual ones are hinged and fold up if they hit an obstacle.


Here is the tank, along with the truck fuel tank and BII box on the left side. On the right side I added a winch and storage box, along with the battery box.


All mocked up to see how it will look overall. I really like it.

Up next is painting and detailing the pump compartment and then painting the whole truck.


Looks very good, awesome work Gino.
But why you changed from the tractor to the fueler?


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Thanks Andreas. As to the change (listed above) …

“My daughter wasn’t set on an M983 tractor, and I already have one (earlier built M983A2), I really like how the A4 was looking, and I was going to build an M978 eventually (possibly as an A4) so it will now be an M978A4 Fueler.”

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Okay, thanks, I understand.
Let’s see how it will look when you finish it.

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