M981 fistv

Hi all, I felt lucky to find a FIST-V conversion as I like the vehicle. Then I read the reviews!

Searching again I found Academy’s old kit, lost it in an auction but eventually ordered one, for around $150C with shipping.

Then, feeling I hadnt done the hobby-fund enough damage, I ordered the Eduard PE set for it. Now we’re up around the $200C mark and it’s all on its way.

Then I saw this;

See what I mean? But hey, keep on modeling!

yeah i see a you got a touch of target fixation going on there. you get it in to your head that you want something and aggressively persue it and then the credir card statement arrives and or you find it cheaper elsewhere.

all i can sau is hurru up and build it :grinning::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

I always wondered why Academy didn’t put out an ITV version of this kit, or include an extra sprue of parts. It would seem to be the easy thing to do, & I think it would sell better. The only options we have now are the Italeri kit, & a resin conversion set ('m thinking of buying the Verlinden set on Ebay to convert an Academy kit, one day…)


The cost of this deal MAY be appropriate, IF the Academy kit is good. But it´s NOT. All M901/M981 kits suffer the same problem. The cupola is WAY to small. This stems from the wrong Verlinden conversion, where other companies “borrowed” the measurements. The only remedy is to buy AFV Club M113 and mix with PSM M901/M981 conversion. This is combo is better and cheaper than an Ebay “deal”.

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Better get the PSM conversion, you won`t regret it.

This is my take on the M901, Tamiya kit with PSM and will later get Modellkasten tracks.


I did a web search, but I didn’t come up with any hits. What is PSM, & where would I get it from?


Perfect Scale Modellbau out of Germany.


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Hi Damon,
PSM is Perfect Scale Modellbau, from Germany.
but it looks as if the conversion is OOP now.

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You absolutely have to make a pair now :people_holding_hands:

Thanks! Probably challenging to get down here in Ecuador, if I had to import from Germany…


I see a few gaffes on the PSB kit, even if it is more accurate in cupola shape than the Academy & Italeri kits. 1 is the site opening, and 2 is the lack of spare track shoes over the engine hatch.

Scary to see the asking prices for those kits on eBay when they are OOP. I think I grabbed my FISTV for under $30 a few years back.

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Well, with the PSM cupola OOP I’m not sure if they plan a rerun? I havent measured it, but I wonder if the unit on Italeri’s LAV- TUA/AT is any different?

I dont feel that positive about either of the above BTW.

I have the Verlinden cupola for sale if Damon or anyone is interested.

The LAV/TOW uses the same turret as the M901. Looking on Scalemates, it looks like Italeri based the turret parts off of their M901 kit.

Long before the Academy M981 kit (around '95/'96), I converted one from the Italeri M901 ITV kit. It wasn’t too bad and I think it came out nicely. The smaller turret isn’t really noticeable. I built it as my FISTV when I was a 2LT at Ft Hood in 3-82 FA, 1CAV.

I added a full interior too.

I have built a few of the Academy ones for others as well and I think it is a little nicer than the Italeri kit, but not much.


Yes it’s a pretty simple conversion to make a M981 from the M901. Externally is just a few minor changes to the turret as well as small details on the top deck. Yours turned out great, especially with the added interior.

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I have M901 done…and I am trying on to981 - I have everything!

Agreed Carlos. Beautiful work Gino.

:open_mouth: Denimo, 150 CAD for that Academy kit is certainly a lot. I could have CADded, 3D printed, and mailed out the necessary FISTV conversion parts to Canada at 1/2 of that price (and try to be as accurate as PSM’s OOP offering). An M113 kit could have been sourced separately, which would still be much less than 150 CAD total. Sure, you really like that vehicle but I feel your pain.

Kind regards,

Hi James,

I might just take you up on that idea. I certainly got “target fixated” as was mentioned above, as it seemed to be my only solution at the time.

Listening to the comments about the Academy kits’ faults, I really am wondering…….

I have the newer Academy M113 spare as well as the earlier ODS-era Tamiya kit.

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Hi Denimo,
Let me know when you want to discuss more seriously about it. I am a bit backed up with CAD/3D print requests for the next 6 weeks but we can still discuss the dimensions, how you’d like it to look, payment, etc.

Kind regards,