Macross - Destroid Defender 1/72

Hi ya all!

I thought I’d park my automotive builds for a while and focus on my other love… Macross! (Don’t tell my wife! :wink:)

Anyway, I have a collection of mecha from this genre and I have decided it’s time to do some serious building. There are a number that are not in my stash, but I’ll take care of that in time. The destroids are apparently also used under licence in the “Mechwarrior” universe as are a number of designs that I don’t have. As you may have guessed I also a huge fan boy of the “Mechwarrior” universe.

Below is an image of the kits that I am planning to build.

And here is the Destroid by Bandai.

Generally the kits are not as complex or detailed like the Hasegawa kits, but that does not make them any less fun. Just easier to build. :grin: A good example was the Regult battle pod, but it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.

Here are some images of the contents and instructions:

Thanks for looking, I’ll catch up with you later.


A small update here, just highlighting the fact that the build is taking a step in the right direction. Pun intended.

Thanks for watching.


Hmm… interesting, years ago and probably many more years before that I used to play Mechwarrior / Battletech table top battles and one of my favourites was the Rifleman or at least I think that was its name. Now this Destroid Defender looks almost exactly what I remember the Rifleman to look like, I’ll have to do some digging but if that’s the case I may have to search out one of these. In the mean time I’ll sit back and watch your build.


Hi ya!

Yeah, those designs originated here in Robotech/Macross and were used under licence apparently. I still occasionally play Mechwarrior online, though I don’t believe the Rifleman, Highlander and other still exist, due to licencing issues.

None the less, ever since I watched Robotech, I have been hooked.

Thanks for watching.

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Well, things are moving along. I have managed to put a number of bits together.

I’m still going to have to figure out the painting process, or maybe not overthink it and just build it and then paint and weather it.

I have order the AMMO MIG-6013 Combat-Painting Mechas English, Multicolour for some extra guidance on weathering.

Beyond that I have to source a suitable base or make it myself, that will need some thought.

Anyhow, the build is moving forward nicely.

Till next time, thanks for watching.


If I remember rightly when I played the game I would always end up standing in a lake or river so I could dissipate all the heat using the heat sinks in the legs but then again I think I was using lasers. I’d just end up standing there firing away round after round of laser volleys.

Ok think I’m going to have to get one now and do that as a small dio


COOL idea, Luciano! :+1:t2:

Yeah, I vividly remember that.
One of the coolest aspects of BattleTech was the designing of your own mech within a specified weight range, same goes for Mechwarrior online.

I think I will stick to the Robotech theme in my case!

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This looks amazing to me Gavin. I’m a huge Battle Tech fan and would really like to get some of these. This one and the Archer look a like. Thanks for sharing and will keep a close eye.


I have been procrastinating somewhat due to the rough fit of the main body components which I found rather disappointing as the Hasegawa kits are a treat in terms of fit, this Bandai kit is as rough as a badgers @***!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Anyhow, I decided to bite the bullet and just get building.
Here is the hip in construction and completed with the top of the legs.

The construction continues with a partially constructed and legless mech.

That’s not a gun, THIS is a GUN!!

Still legless and only with one arm, this is taking shape.

Thanks for watching!


In the words of Sir Elton John, “I’m still standing!!”.

The Defender now has its legs and is standing proud and looking all the business, with just a couple of odds and ends to be dealt with prior to paint.

I put in an order for a little armoured car to give it scale.

Did some further research into the 1/72 Destroid kits, both Bandai and Wave did kits as far back as 2010. Looking at its siblings, I think I will have to put in an order for the Bandai Spartan as well as the Wave Tomahawk & Phalanx, that is if I can track them down.

Thanks for watching.


Nice recovery with the miss match of the body, when I track one down I’m now forewarned. What’s your plan of paint or should I just sit back and wait for you to surprise us?


Now, that is an interesting question with regards to colour. In the Robotech animated series I recall the destroids making an appearance when the SDF1 ram raided an alien space battleship with aircraft carriers mounted on it’s arms.(If I recalled correctly) I know it all sounds bazaar, but it’s anime, what more can you say!!??

Back to the colour, I could stick to the original tan, or opt for something urban… anyway, I don’t want a huge base like I did for the Regult, I want to keep it more simple. So, still a bit of thinking to do there.

Thanks for the comments.

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Looks terrific Gavin and I’ll echo @Littorio regarding the paint.

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My little armoured car has arrived!

At first I though it was a bit dear for a little 1/72 armoured car but when I open the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually two vehicles in the box.

I am pleased with my choice as it will really provide the viewer with a sense of scale and just how big these mech’s actually are. These Fujimi kits are really well detailed, even the tyres are flattened to mimic real life deformation of the tyres under the weight of the armoured car.

All in all, I am happy with where this is going.

Thanks for looking.


Started to put the little LAV together and this is a really neat kit!

I need to liquid mask the windows after gluing them in place and using clear green. Should I clear green the back or front of the glass? I’ll probably use a smoke and clear green mix so that it’s not too bright.
Any thoughts?

Thanks for looking!


Gavin those little armoured cars look very nice, I’ve seen them about but after seeing the price always resisted the purchase. I may have to rethink that.

Personally I’d paint the inside of the ‘glass’.

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Thanks for the comments, I think I agree with the painting of the glass on the inside.

A small update, managed to drag myself out to the garage (6 degs C) and throw down some Tamiya undercoat. Not looking too bad, some joints will need more attention as I was expecting, but beyond that the build is moving forward.

Thanks for watching.


I used tamiya spray can clear green and it messed up the cockpit glass on my kiowa but I did it on the inside of the glass so it’s not as noticeable…so I would spray the inside if I were you.


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Hi Dave, I can’t say I have ever used the rattle can version of the clear green, but historically I have battled with the clears, hence my trepidation.

Well, onwards and upwards! I have done a spot of pre-shading on the kits which will hopefully allow me to generate a bit of depth with the painted finish in addition a some weathering and chipping.

Thanks for looking! :vulcan_salute:t2: