Made in France - multi-genre

Group Build Title: Made in France

Group Build Leader(s): @Phil2015

Group Build Description: Anything made in France. Can be a military subject in a different countries armed forces. All genres welcome:
air subjects military or civilian - e.g. Mirage fighters
ship models military of civilian - perhaps you’ve had an eye on an old pre-dreadnought era cruiser in resin
rail subjects - you’ve been dying to do that SNCF train to Bordeaux, you know you have!
armor subjects - maybe a Char B
cars - how about a tricked out Peugeot?
figures - a grenadier slogging through the snow on the retreat from Moscow or a foreign legionary sheltering from the sun, or a bust of Lafayette!

Did I miss anything?

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I do have some Alpine French figures that need to be painted.

May enter with the revell Rafale C

Australian submarines? Oh, Sorry…




Hi Phil. ‘Made in France’… but can it be in the livery of another country? I am thinking Renault R35 in Bulgarian Service…


Suggestion - ‘Wine’ coloured ribbon:

Will look this size on screen:


I’d be interested.
Got a few WW1 and 2 tanks, a few figures and plenty of Mirage’s. Pretty sure I have an Ouragan and Mystere somewhere too.
Just have to decide on what.

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Oh yeah! Save that.

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Kewl, I don’t have any modern French built equipment but I do have a US Air Service Spad XIII. I also have a couple of more modern US built, French flown aircraft. :wave:

Don’t care who is flying it, needs to be built in France!

I have plenty of kits that will work… and I’m certainly interested.

Just to confirm though, stuff built outside of France, but in French service is not eligible, correct?

That is correct. Needs to be built in France!

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Got a kit for this build, can’t think of anything more French! I’ll be building a 1:1 white flag!


Please remember French White Flags were rarely snowy white as the bed sheets normally utilised as such usually had some yellow and/or brown staining…
I’m thinking of going with a (Peugeot?) military Coffee Grinder in 1:35th scale, or possibly an American “Doughboy” looking at his Chauchat* and weeping.



*This is what you get when an armaments manufacturer (Birmingham Small Arms) builds bicycles, motorbikes and eventually cars:

This is what you get when you allow a bicycle manufacturer to build a LMG:


Sounds like a good excuse to build that Leclerc in my stash…

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All joking and stereotyping aside, there were some very brave French people, e.g those in the French Resistance. Living for years under the constant threat of capture, torture and death, often at the risk of being turned in by their own people, and still they fought on…

I’ve narrowed down my choices to these:
Heller 1/48 Mirage 2000N
Eduard 1/48 Mirage IIIC
Heller 1/72 Mirage F.1 or IV

Or in 1/35, Tamiyas Char B1 Bis, or ICM’s WW1 French infantry.

I’m not trying to influence you to do these, because I think all of those are interesting subjects, but I would be eager to hear your review of the WW1 French infantry.

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