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Thanks, and there are wheels in the AAset, but the set up of Takom and Heller wheels is different, dont know if I can use them…

Good choice. :wink:
I’ve adapted the Heller wheels (I had improved) to my Takom hull. So I assume the reverse is possible.
You should fill the recesses representing the hatches on the front glacis. On the actual tank they’re flush with the armor.

If you are interested in you could send me a copy of the instructions so I can give you my comments. Not that I am an expert however I did some homework to build mine and you share my thoughts.



The ARL is getting dirty, a little bit. The turret sides need some streaking to break the monotony of the green. I’ll try to keep a light hand though as I don’t want to overdo it. Those tanks did not last long. Their service life didn’t exceed 2 years.

I forgot to add the registration plates. Amusing Hobby only gives you one option which isn’t even described in the instructions nor on the boxart.

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Thanks, I have been looking at your AMX Challenge again, and will be pikcing a few of your point from that one.

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I never realized that they were in service for so short a time. It’s looking good and is definitely distinctive.

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I have added more dust all over the tank. Not much though as I didn’t want to show it just after some training session in the field but just like if it has rolled on one of the dusty lanes in Mourmelon army base.
So I call this one done. This was a fun and quick build. To be honest I didn’t anticipated such a quick build.

More pictures at the Full Blog


Olivier she’s beautiful. You’ve done a wonderful job conveying a sense of being in service without the weathering hailing your excellent paint work.

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Lovely work Olivier and another great sympathetic weathering on it. Was a nice kit to see being built up as I’d never even heard of them before…:+1::+1:

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Lovely job Olivier, like the others I appreciate the subtle weathering.

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That sure is a lovely finish…

Made a good bit of progress, had a look at Bison’s site for pitures of details, used some of them, added bits of the AA kit (which as I noticed was incomplete…)

The figures are only put together, not cleaned up or anything yet… was to see how they would look… the sitting one is the driver, but like him there more :grinning:


Coming together great Bert :+1:

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Great job Bert. However the pedestal mount for the roof MG should be in the middle of the turret and not in front of the commander’s cupola.


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Thanks! I will move the MG.

Hey Olivier
… already seen this

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Here is another one shared with Armorama by Pierre Delattre.


Starting to look a little like a SPAD. Wing is in place, now I just have to start pulling the rigging. :cold_sweat: All the messy details so far are at Revell 1/72 SPAD XIII

Oh and all the little details I forgot to do… :roll_eyes: :wave:


A little late to the party, but I’m in with a Mirage 2000 from Op. Daguet (Desert Storm).
Just waiting from the kit and decals to arrive.


Hello all !
It’s my very first post here so please excuse my newbee attitude if I don’t follow some rules …
Would a 1/35 Meng AMX 30 b with some addons be ok ?


First welcome to the site. While not the manager of the campaign, the AMX was French so is would think add ons are ok if that’s what on the vehicle regardless of end user nation, ie no what if’s. Aftermarket modeling parts should be ok too.