Made in France - multi-genre

Yes I totally agree with you on the modern French stuff- a VAB and VBCI would be very welcome releases!

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very nice job !

More progress on the Renault.


Going really well Jacob.
Have got one of these, but no idea where to start with it. It’s quite a complex kit for its small size.

Good luck with the springs in the suspension.

amx 30 B2 build in parallel with my VBL


Those look ace Jonathan- really liking that tan and brown camo- both vehicles should look fantastic in that scheme.

Pushing ahead with the running gear. The springs arent realy doing anything. I replaced two of them. Individual track links are nice but have a extraction mark in a very inconvenient place. Instructions call for 32 links, but thats too much, while 31 is not enough, so the sag is too excessive. And no way to adjust the running agear.


my amx 30B2 operation Daguet 1991
meng model builds out of box
he will join the amx 30 family


Nice build and nice collection :+1:



Nice indeed. Tell me about the auf1 build, please. I have eyed that kit a couple of times…

meng has 2 versions of auf1 I built the auf 1TA version without interior the other version meng ts004 the interior of the turret is included, like all meng kits the model is very detailed with a lot of parts it is a model that requires a lot of time for assembly

That is a very nice collection indeed! Lovely, also the variety in color looks good!

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Very nice build, Jonathan. Looks great. Excellent fit in your collection!

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My contribution to this campaign will be the C 714.(since I"ll finish the Trumpy campaign tomorrow)


Nice choice, Stevie. Looks like a straight forward build although looks can be deceiving :slight_smile:
Have you decided on a color scheme yet? The decal sheet looks to have many options!

Hello, all !

My entry:
I will build a Peugeot P4P with a Blast Models conversion and wheels from Azimut Productions


I am going to use the Polish squadron scheme on the box

The fit on this kit is NOT good and I am having to do a lot of dry fitting then filing.
first is the instrament panel painted

next is the cockpit floor back and seat. It needs to be carved to fit into the fuselage halves. It IS painted according to the color call out on the insruction sheet

Dry fitting of the canopy led to filing the opening at the red marks

The gap above the cockpit will need to be filled. I could pinch the halves together but then the canopy would stand proud of the fuselage there


Building the wing assembly. Again a lot of sand to fit issues. The first is the sprue gate extending onto the part and needing to be sanded away to allow the wing parts to fit together.

The second was the rear of the MG fairing had to be sanded down to allow the upper wing to move far enough forward to not have a step between the upper and lower wings at the front (sanding at the arrow)

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Good choice. However the interior is not correct, especially the rear compartment.