Made in France - multi-genre

One more update before next week. I finished up basic airframe construction today, addin the upper wing halves, intake lips, and the tail planes. The fit of the stabilators is terrible, so I had to add some shims in there. And there will be some filling and sanding to fair the intake lips in smoothly to the fuselage.

More coming next week…


After a million coats of decal setting solvent and some light bubble busting I have managed to get the old horrible Academy decals to settle. The decals are very strong and thick and really resistant to even the strongest solvents.

The decals are before academy switched to cartograph as decal supplier.

More to follow soon.


I’m way behind on this. I’d like to finish it before the end of the year for the sake of finishing it, but I’m losing interest in the kit pretty fast. It’s not really great. Here are some pics and you can see some of the fit issues. I think I can fix them, but there are a lot of them! We’ll see…


I am calling this one done. Academy’s old 1/72 Super Etendard with Exocet missile.

The Argentinian Super Etendards rarely flew with the AA missiles, but could not resist adding them anyway.
The load out also includes a drop tank and the (in)famous Exocet missile of Falklands fame.

The kit is a really nice fit although the cockpit is very basic. The surface details are very nicely recessed and not overdone.
The decals of the kit are really horrible. In the end I got them to settle and got the shine buffed out, but it was a major undertaking.

I kept the plane very clean with a minimum of weathering as the Argentinian navy seems to keep the planes perfectly clean.

Thanks for a great campaign!





Fantastic Jesper. Really nicely done Harrier target. :crazy_face:

Seriously, though very well represented.

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Sorry to say, but I have to pull out of this campaign. I had just barely managet to finish a UKR campaign. This is what the kit looks like as of today. It

wont probably get finished untill end of january.


That looks good, can’t wait to see it with some colour. I think you made the right decision leaving out the interior to display it like that. Might have to do the same myself when I get around to mine.

Today I made the time to paint the intake covers for my Mirage. Next couple of days I’ll get them fitted and take some final photos and I’m done.

I’m not sure if I will be able to finish my Etendard in time. This Duck is fighting me hard right now with seam clean up. I might just be a day or two late, depending upon how much life happens in the next week.

I’m happy to extend two weeks for folks. I bailed on my Super Etendard. I’d like to see you get yours done.


I am in late with my built but here the progresses:
Interior of the conversion is very basic, so a lot of extra work is needed


A bit too short direction bar was extended.


Looking good T. Nice scratch built detail.

Thank you petbat.
Nice work on your kit, I especially like the rusted exhaust.
I was thinking about metal tracks but seen them without paint just after. Their painting job is fantastic.

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Thanks T. The Tamiya R35 it is a great little kit and the link and length tracks were the best I’ve ever built.

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Fitted the Quickboost intake this afternoon. I think these are intended for the Special Hobby kit as they’re a little big. I’ve only fitted them with a spot of PVA, so if it bothers me I can always take them off.
All the missiles, tanks etc were fitted a month or so ago.

And with that, she’s done. I’ll get some better pics in a day or so.

Been a great campaign and it was a good opportunity to build something from the stash.


Excellent Stephen. A real eye catcher.

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Nicely done- really beautiful looking in those markings.

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Thanks guys. It’s definitely one of my favourites on the shelf at the moment. Went really well and very pleased with it.

Beautiful F1C Stephen! To my eye, that has to be the sexiest looking member of the Mirage family.

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Thanks Carlos. I agree with you on that, Dassault have never built an ugly aeroplane and the F1 is something special. I’m looking forward to doing Special Hobby’s in the new year. I really must get their IIIC too.