Made in France - multi-genre

Wow! Beautiful work! :heart_eyes:


Well worth the extra time you put in. It looks fantastic Carlos.

Peter, Stephen, Mike, and Peter, thank you one and all for your kind feedback.


Really good job !

Thank you Gil!

Congrats for this nice plane. I like your paint work.

Any news about awards ?

Thank you Terminator :wink: The basic paint scheme was the easiest part of this project. At least all the masking went well.

Normally the campaign list the names of finishers and allows for a week or two for people to speak up if they have been missed or misspelled on the list.

After any corrections the campaign leader sends the medal and list of finishers to staff Jim. He then awards the medals.
Jim is a busy guy, so it might take a few weeks, but he will get it done.

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I am told it is done.


Thanks Phil, got mine.

Champagne Campaign award received :clinking_glasses: Cheers!

Award received, thanks! A really good campaign. Enjoyed taking part.

My first campaign award on the new forum, thank you. :partying_face:
I like this new design for awards like medals, more original than rectangular icons on the old forum. :+1:

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Got mine too. Thanks for a great campaign!

Aard received too. Pending the reception of the bottle of champagne. :grin:



Thanks for running a very enjoyable campaign.

Congratulations !
But I’m afraid that for my first participation to a campaing I was forgotten… or maybe I missed something ? However the most important is that I really had fun !

Hello all,
here is my build (from some years ago) of French Army P4P use in Republic of Central African in Sangaris Operation.
Base kit is the Revell Wolf, conversion is from Azimut.

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