Magach 6B Gal - MENG

Very indeed, a good coat of paint looks like it will hide most of that detail. I think probably any of the ones mentioned here will be good, I was just recommended the “Rust Oleum” one and thats the one I tried first … good luck with which ever you decide on.

Yes sir, I see a bit of masking in my future.

One good thing is you have decent mask lines you can work with for the areas to spray.

That is a good point , just have to accentuate what’s already there.

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I see AFV Club makes a decal sheet, similar to the Tamiya or DEF Model Zimmerit decals. Though, I also found the anti-slip texture kit from AK Interactive. I’m steering towards the AK Interactive set.

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It will be interesting to how both of these (AFV & AK) these Anti - slip texture will look like once applied. I hope we can see a review here in near future.

I wonder how hard it would be for a company to do laser cut sheets of non-slip for tanks, much like they now do for zimmerit? There is a business idea for someone.

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From personal experience with these products:

General comment for every antislip method: Each product has pros and cons, depending on how you paint and weather your models. People who prefer lots of paint and varnish layers will find the AK and AFV club products tend to lose their details, do not look as nice.

The AFV Club sticker needs to be placed correctly with the very first try and does not like hard solvents like laquer and levelling thinner

The AK antilisp is easier to use and looks really nice if you do not build up paint and varnish over it heavily. It is the most in-scale product.

The VMS product is the best IMHO because it is very forgiving and does not bite the plastic when applying, contrary to the AK product. You can remove it and go again.

I gave up on all three above products, because I like to prime, paint, highlight, varnish, weather, varnish, wash so I use lots of layers. Thus I use aquarium gravel sprinkled on a layer of MrSurfacer 1200 and primer over it. This keeps the detail of the antislip sharp when I build up layers.

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I think the AFV would work on flat surfaces, but it’d had to be cut to size, where the AK is better for angled surfaces and with a bit of masking, more realistic.

That’s why I went with AK in the end for my Magach build.

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I just saw some videos of VMS product on YouTube while surfing modeling w/ Photo-etch tips. They have some very easy to use product and as you say very forgiving. The end result is brilliant in my opinion. I need to order some of them soon before GBP goes up again.

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I was quite hesitant when I used VMS as you are literally painting glue onto your model, that being said it is very forgiving and easy to work with. You can paint a straight line with it and then sprinkle the grit over the top and it really looks the part. I did mine in the box lid and then excess which falls or is tapped off can be put back in the bottle, it doesn’t pick extra glue up and clump. I’d say there is easily enough in a bottle to do at least 5 kits.

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Good news. I got my AK Interactive Anti-Slip Texture set. Bad news; the glue somehow broke and spilled all over the inside of the package. The sand bottle is good though. Anyone know what kind of glue I can use as a substitute?

Kind of disappointing, but I got a quick refund from the retailer, so it’s a mild inconvenience for me.

Thinned PVA ?

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Thinned pva, mr surfacer 1220, any kind of primer

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i think i get it.

Prime the surface so the PVA has something to stick to (PVA doesn’t stick to smooth surfaces), apply the sand, let it dry, then paint it.