Making a spray booth

Is anyone here using a spray booth?

I am looking to build one that is filtering and recuperating the used air so that the air coming into the booth is free from dust and particles. Second ambition is to remove all fumes from the air as I can’t work with an open window to allow fuumes to escape into the atmosphere.

Any tips?

Yes, I use a spray booth.

Very happy with my Pace Enterprises 24inch Super-Mini. It’s lighted and does well. Cleaning airbrush I can smell thinner in a constant spray after 30-45 second blast. Painting is basically fume free venting out the window.

I’m not sure what sort of filtering system would be needed to allow fume free spraying without venting out the window. However, there are some spray booth designs that have that sort of filter system. I briefly considered one but it was around $1,200 shipped a bit rich for my budget since I had window access.

Air coming into the spray booth is as clean or dirty as the source it’s drawn from typically the rooms air. Vacuuming the room, dusting, wiping booth down after use and changing HVAC filters regularly really help me have a pretty clean air flow into the booth. That’s based on the paint work being free of contamination.

Typically most contamination on a model in the paint is from the model not being gentle washed and dried before painting in my experience.

Do you plan to spray solvent-based paint?

I use enamel mainly, and alclad which is also solvent based.

I tried acrylic but m not very pleased with it

Since you cannot vent your exhaust outside you will need a filter rated for organic solvents.

The real practical solution is to locate the booth to a location that can be vented with a dryer exaust outside. That is the real purpose of a spray booth to exit the fumes outside.