MakiWawa Portfolio Humvee and others

I present the result of my eight years of “fighting” with humvee. There were also other models, but I was faithful (and will be HMMWV). Now I will focus on special forces vehicles of various countries



Fantastic builds! I can’t even say which one I like most as they’re all looking great! Well done and keep 'em coming!



As above, tough to pick out a favorite. Top notch work on every one. All nicely detailed but each one unique. :+1: :+1:



Simply outstanding work there Piotr, outstanding. A fantastic effort.

(Now why can’t I summon up the courage to try something similar with Land Rovers…?)

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@BootsDMS- Land Rover is a very interesting topic. I have a few favorites as well as Mercedes / Steyr / Peugot P4.

Wow even more. All very impressive.

What an impressive collection! I remember many of these builds as you were showing them on Armorama. Well done!

I’m very interested to hear how many different Humvees you and Kuba have altogether?


Uuuuuu … I don’t know. In many cases, Kuba was an inspiration for me (plagiarism :-))

Show us your glass cabinet… or wherever you are keeping these models.


IKEA Detolf x 4 :yum:

Wow Piotr I’m speechless. Impressive, awe - inspiring, motivating, humbling. I just can’t believe how many HMMWV’s you have produced and each and every one is simply outstanding! Serious compliments to you sir for an incredible body of work!

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@SSGToms- " humbling"? :crazy_face:

Very nice collection! and beautifully painted and weathered.
Great figures too!

I may be detecting a theme… do you possibly like Humvees…

All joking aside those are amazing builds!

@Makiwawa Humbling as in I am humbled by my tiny collection of finished kits compared to your fleet of HMMWV’s.

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Everything in front of you. The future may be yours :love_you_gesture: