Mannschaftstransportwagen Magirus ARW

Greetings,friends! I’ve decided to post one of my recent works. It is a very rare German armored car - Mannschaftstransportwagen Magirus ARW. This was my first full resin kit and probably the last. The kit is from Leadwarrior. This is Russian manufacturer. They offer very interesting objects. But most jf them need work and they are quite expensive. I was very amused that this kit was so poor detailed. I was really upset about all this.
I show some stages of my work. I hope it will be interesting and unusual.


I must confess that I had no clue about this vehicle and had to look it up… Very interesting vehicle…

Yes,but I know 2 versions of this vehicle. They have some differences. That’s all I have about this car.




Final photos, It took me about 5 months to build this model. I thought it would be easier but… Quite hard to work with resin kit and very hard to rework it. Unfortunately I changed all details because all details from kit were poor. All weld were missing etc. This is another problem. Most difficult was to glue wheels. They have poor quality and no alternative at all. Also I tried to make them sugged.


Nice work on a very interesting subject I was not aware of in 1:1 or scale. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for taking the time to bring this over from the old forums :smiley:

Thank you!

Hello,Robin! If it suitable and not a violence I could bring other old topics.

Thanks Artyom for an excellent late Christmas present, one of my favourite vehicles superbly built, corrected and detailed! I don’t think I could paint it when it looks so good now…will you? :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass:

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Absolutely! Please bring them over. Your work is a pleasure to see and an inspiration for others :smiley:

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Excellent result, I am sure it has been worth the effort. The metal parts look specially nice!

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I learned many things in this project. Very good that final result is pleasure to see. This car is really beautiful. That’s true :blush:

I try to do my best! Thank you for highly appreciation of my modest works.

Thank you! Perhaps, works with copper is my favorite part of modelling.

Very nice work! :+1:

You have very good eyes. You spotted a lot of details in these grainy b/w photos! :astonished: I have this kit in the stash, so I will use your work as a template. Where are the MGs from? Very detailed replicas!


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You really did an amazing job… It might not have been easy, it most certainly is fruitfull… Some work to be proud of!!!


Greetings! That’s true. I’ve studied these photos long time and always found something new. I am very happy that my work will help other modelers. It is very important to me. MGs are MG08 from Aber kit for A7V. I’ve just added some details which I found on photos. There were 4 MGs in the kit. Rest two of them I used in Skoda PA-II with conversion to Schwarzlose M.07/12.

Thank you! I am pleased. With more information I think I could done more. Many interwar vehicles are lost and we can only guess about details.

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