Manufacturer catalogs for 2023

Good day friends! Tell me, did any manufacturers show catalogs of prefabricated models and plans for 2023?
I only saw the catalog “ZVEZDA”. A large file of 400 megabytes, I will not attach it, but it will not be difficult to find it on the network. I would be glad to see links to directories or the directories themselves if you found them and saw them. Thanks in advance!

I have seen reports of the Tamiya catalogue coming by too.

messages are good. what about the catalog itself?:wink:

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big thnx! :slight_smile:

My pleasure!

can you download section of tbe catalogue such as armour or aircraft?

@Klaus-Adler Are you talking about the zvezda or tamiya catalog?

@sergo012 i was talking about the zvezda catalogue

It downloads v - e - e - e - r - y … s - l - o - o - o - w - l - y

Miniart catalogue for 2023

You are ahead of me… :slight_smile:

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