Masking stinks

Oh, I thought you would have went with this cheesy ‘80’s Canadian Band….

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I believe on close examination that some or a lot of late war “hand painted” German three-color camo is actually sprayed, but so tightly that the edges are fairly sharp.

Realistically speaking, an airbrush as often used is not scale to an actual spray gun.

In real life, entire large swaths are not sprayed in one go and edges on models, dare I say, might be too soft and delicate in some cases.

Some photos show distinct outlines traced on camo patches — I am thinking of Daimler-Benz here.

Similarly, on modern US Army camo, very often, you can see the fill-in with some portions appearing more matte, due to thicker application. Seems easiest to see with black. This would be good to try to duplicate.


Colloquially called “pin stripe tape” here in the US. Available at automotive paint distributors (and Amazon).


excellent and hilarious thread. i think hard edge camo was rare so free hand might be the way to go. get a pencil and set the psi to 10, turn the H&S dial in to prevent overspray and start in the middle. that i can do. Using the AK putty was a nightmare. It was so gooey that it had spindly threads barely observable to the nekked eye. Heavens, Silly Putty worked betta’

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yes, i am aware of it. but the turns still come out funky. i guess ill just keep working on it thanks

Eccellente! Buono! i can see why you needed the hard edge My goal wasn’t to set out to do hard edge but somehow in the middle of this project i decided to try. Started with tape then went to liquid mask and the edges sometimes pulled off some paint. i did buy some pinstripe tape another member suggested. practice makes perfect


Thanks for the tip Arch. i just picked some up from Amazon. i hope you can turn the corners without crinkling the tape

are you saying the manufacturer used stencils

Dear AgenCajun
thanks for your wisdom and words of support. i’m only one year into this

dear Varanusk
my problem wasn’t the process so much it was that upon carefully removing the mask some of the paint edges went with it.

Thanks Pawel. Polish? i’m Polish American 4th generation

Got it. thanks much

i’ll try it; thanks

thank you. what is the trick with the jeans ? “De-tack?”

Dear M70:
i was wondering about trying that. I like to use Mr Color leveling thinner 400 no matter acrylic or not. if i try this should i use straight Tamiya X20A thinner?

No. Not at all.

I don’t think I saved the photos, but on a few D-B Panthers, you can easily see the dunkelgelb portion on turrets carefully outlined with a slightly lighter sprayed edge.

I just used whatever thinner I used to thin the paint. There was no special formula or anything like that. HTH.

…one last thing: how do you stop the thinner from removing any paint below? you have clear or gloss/varnish underneath?

No, nothing like that ever happened. I just wiped a damp Q-Tip and it worked.

No clear coats, floor polish, none of that.