Maz 537 1/35 Trumpeter

Good day everyone,it has been a while since I posted last time. This is continuation from the old Armorama site, everything is taking longer for me as I don’t have much time for this awesome hobby.


I found few more photos before painting engine department.


Very nice work! That engine is really huge…

Thanks,that project has been on my bench for good last 3 years :grin:. Engine is the one from Miniart offering and the rest scratch built based on paper model in the same scale.

Looks great! The engine is big yes and you did a great job on it. I built this kit with trailer a few years ago and had fun with it. It is very big !

yes big truck!
make big truck great again!

Very nice. I love the engine. It looks like a T-34 engine, radiators, air cleaners, etc…

Hi Guys, indeed that is quite big piece of model , together with the semitrailer and heavy too(got resin wheels). @HeavyArty , you are right Sir, that is t-34 engine and lots of its components used by Soviets/Russian in that truck.

Good evening, I would like to post most up to date photos of Maz +the semitrailer . I apologize for the mess in the background :grin:.


Very nice. The engine looks even better all painted up. Great job so far.

Hello Guys, I am little bit stuck and I need help on the semitrailer 5247g, especially all the wiring and piping, there is not many photos of it in the net. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

Good morning, just a little progress with the semi trailer. Wooden floor dry fitted.

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Nice Sunday off,so I found some time to continue work with the semitrailer. I managed to find nicely detailed photos of Chmzap 5247 g ,but still get my head around the plumbing.




Looking good. I like the extra details you are adding.


Thank you Mario,Trumpeter’s offering is simplified in some places so that’s only way to make it a little bit closer to the real thing.

I built this kit a few years ago and I thought it was great; there is a ton of details that trumpeter left off and you can really go to town on it. The cab, undercarriage etc could all use some work, I didn’t. I did use resin wheels for mine and I did enjoy building it.

Good evening, this time I turned my attention to the semitrailer’s suspension rockers. That’s the best I can do, I am afraid.


Beautiful work - Kudos!

Hi Michael, it’s far from perfect, but that’s the top of my abilities, plus I am enjoying doing that.

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