Maz 7917-7 Topol

1/72 MAZ 7917-7 from Zvesda. I have fully rebuild the steering column to turn to the left to give it some “life”. Full scratch built interior, hollowed out the inner windows, opened the outside windows and scratch built the open window panels, scaled side mirrors, scratch build arials, windshield wipers, headlights and exhaust.

Some artistic license to give this monotone colour scheme some interest. I will upload pictures both with and without load. Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy this one.


Some more pictures…

Some close ups…

Scale comparison of this small giant kit.

Reworked steering…


Beautiful Work there!

I know I am crazy saying this but I would love to see this done in 1/35th.
Just as I would like to see the “Big Bird” radar unit towed by the 7410 in 1/35th as well.

p.s. No worries as I am being fitted for a straight jacket as we speak.


Thanks 165th! I know you loved anything related to MAZ.

I actually have a scaled 1/35 line drawing of the 16 wheel drive version but seeing that its in the Trumpeter’s catalog for 2022 then there is no point scratch building it.

That’s great news that the even bigger Topol-M is coming this year!

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Yes, hope it will materialise Mike. Thanks


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I (perhaps even more foolishly) wish to produce the even longer Topol-M fuel truck.

As I say, I am being fitted for the straight jacket right now!

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hahahaha, knowing you and your MAZ works I’m sure you can pull it out once the trumpeter chassis starts rolling out. I remember you did the MAZ tanker isn’t it?

Yes - that is to say I started the fire truck/tanker and then the new model came out. Bummer.

Mike here is my 1/35 line drawing and calculated based on online specs i can find. This was done around 2 years ago but I had a feeling then that Trumpeter might release it and stopped there.


Multi axle steering geometry drives me bonkers. It is even move confusing when the spacing of the front three axles is different than the spacing of the rear three. That means the rear steering mechanism cannot simply be a mirror image of the forward gear.

It takes a smarter man than me to have figured all this out. Can’t help but say “hat’s off” to the Russian designers as well as all the folks at Oshkosh who also build these huge multi-axle fire and military trucks.

WOW the Topol-M vehicle will be around 25-27 inches in 1/35th scale.

Perhaps I can hang it up side down from the ceiling?

Mike, I’m sure when this comes out you will get multiple copies. The issue is its a monster at this scale although I can see an extensive paper kit model for this in 1/25!!!

My scaled drawing compose os 3 A4 to fit it in.

Just tossing in another photo here:


Just seeing any of those phallic monsters driving around makes me really glad WWIII didn’t happen.

I still wish they’d make Red Storm Rising into a decent film …

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Ultimately the phallus is/was the historic original inspiration for the creation of . . . the club, the spear, the gun, the canon, the rocket and the nuclear missile.

Apologies for the TMI if this offends anyone.

p.s. Also it is interesting that a human shape that so rarely sees the light of day just happens to be such an affective aerodynamic form - just ask Jeff Bezos

Boys and their toys lol :rofl:

Sorry but my recent remarks seem to have had a “cooling” affect on participation in this thread.

Come on guys/gals; let’s HEAT IT UP!

I suggest if you add “Topal” in the headline after the chassis designation for this vehicle you will suddenly get a whole lot more views.

Again some great work here and probably the best scale for this huge model.

(Have recently had exposure to some F Scale model trains ~ even BIGGER than G Scale! ~ I am still in shock!)

Mike, How do you edit the topic tittle to add "Topol"as you suggested? I tried but it seems I could not.