Maz 7917-7 Topol

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The kit is indeed coming from Trumpy

196 Euro

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WOW ~ Bazinga!

That’s gonna be big!

I had prepared the silos with the same scope but I stopped it

Ever Wonder How They Get Those Missiles Into Those Silos?
How 'bout we model this Topol in 1/35th?



This rig has one MAZ-537 pulling AND one pushing:

Both 537’s mount auxiliary generators than power electric motors mounted to the trailer dolly and the wheels of the trailer itself.

sm SMC2sm

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Here is the newer 12x12 doing the same job as two 537’s.


I like the li’l fire extinguishers all set out in that silo loading photograph as if something going wrong wouldn’t just incinerate the whole grid square. It seems to me that lifting all those wheel sets into the air is a massive effort and bad design.

The trailer contains the support structure needed to hold the missile safely in a
horizontal position during transport.
At the silo there would be two options:

  1. Use the support structure in the trailer to hold the missile safely while the hydraulic rams rotate the trailer & missile to a horizontal position and then use the mechanisms in the trailer to lower the missile into the silo.
  2. Have a separate "harness for the missile at the silo site, preferably movable so that it can service more than one silo and not litter around the silo making it extra visible to spy satellites. This harness contraption needs to be loaded on a trailer for transport or maybe have its own wheels. The harness contraption should probably be enclosed in a big box to protect it from the weather
    Use the mechanisms in the missile transport trailer to move the missile onto the lifting harness and then rotate and lower it into the silo.

Option two most likely gets us an extra big-box trailer with wheels and we still need to lift a set of wheels. Maybe the harness trailer can be less heavy (no electric motors) but it still needs the constructive strength to hold the missile safely. Option two also implies one extra transfer of the missile from one structure to another: trailer to trailer to silo versus trailer to silo.
Each movement implies a small risk of damage. The transfer from trailer to trailer also takes extra time so it may be undesirable from that point of view as well.

I think the Soviets chose to minimise resource usage and time consumption. Less components of a system means less possible points of failure.

Interior of trailer shown here:

Hydraulic lifting mechanism is separate item from trailer. (I think!)

Weight of wheels, electric motors and suspension is most likely nearly inconsequential compared to the total weight being lifted here. Those wheels probably even help slightly to balance the entire structure during the lift so the structure remains “bottom heavy” as it is going up. Rocket is unfueled at this point.

Do not know if warhead is installed. I would think that would come later with an entirely different vehicle and crew.

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