MAZ537G Intermediate type with ChMZAP 5247G trailer

Since my current project is getting close to the finish line , it was tine to give into temptation and start looking at the MAZ.
I have found and made a list of items that will need to be corrected and scratch built…
Transaxle boxes missing detail.
Missing gusset detail on frame.
Missing bolt details on the mounting brackets.
Engine and radiators need to be fabricated.
Missing pump assembly.
Engine plumbing and wiring.
Radiator plumbing.
Missing interior roof detail.
Missing visors.
Seat details.ribs
Ribs bracing and struts in engine bay.
Steering column details.
Under dash details.
Correct hinges on engine access.
Winch cable.
This is only the tractor unit and not the trailer this far.


This is going to be an epic build.

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Yes indeed. I am trying to find more reference on the trailer. It appears that there are lightening holes in the cross members .


Looking forward to this build Chris. I built this kit a few years ago but did nothing extra to it except replace the wheels with resin ones. There is a ton of detail that Trumpeter left off but still a very good kit in my opinion. Can’t wait to see your build….



Just take a look here. I guess the trailer pics start at page 23…



Frenchy thank you much . I see a ton of things here. The image answers the first question I had .

A GREAT modeling reference for the MAZ and the trailer is this paper modeling book from “E63”. It is still available as a free download on line.

The trailer could almost be built from scratch using sheet plastic and the patterns contained in these books -


Here is the link to the E63 Paper Models free webpage:

E36 Download Page:


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Thank you . I have those and plan to use as a point of reference.

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Any idea how close the drive line of the MAZ-543 is to the MAZ-537?

MAZ-543 uses the same/similar drive components to the 537 but engine is forward of the first axle and mounted lower so as to (originally) make room for the Scud Missile to “snuggle down” lower into the vehicle to fit within standard highway bridge clearences. (Hence the split cab.)

This made for a huge front overhang.

Engine forward of the first axle and mounted lower. Radiator in Front. Split Cab. (Cabs tip forward for engine access.)

Engine above the first axle for a shorter, more compact vehicle.
Side mounted Radiators. Traditional Cab.

The screen wire vents seen on the sides of the 543 are for oil coolers and also possible air conditioning???

I have already built the 537 with many extras and as soon as my order arrives I will be starting on the 543. I AM excited!

This post and the one on the KET-T has gotten me all juiced up for the new build.

Chris ~ A fare amount of 537 reference over in the archives at:

And also:

One rather visible point to watch out for on the Trumpeter kit: - At first the kit was produced with the winch housing as being centered (left to right) on the chassis. This is incorrect. In reality the entire winch structure housing should be mounted somewhat off-center to the right of the vehicle to bring the winch cable “pull” closer to the centerline of the chassis.

This feature has apparently been corrected by Trumpeter on some but perhaps not all the model variants. I purchased both the 537 Semi-Tractor (early version) and the 537 Airport Tug some years ago and both models still had the winch as being centered so I rebuilt the mounting.

This photo shows the Airport Tug but so far, I have yet to see any of the MAZ 8x8’s that did not have the winch off-set right.

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I wish the E63 folks had done the 2 axle trailer as well.

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MAZ planetary final drives (on each powered wheel)

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Cab Reference:

You might want to add the rubber floor mats to the cab and also make sure the kit seats are correctly broken into three sections such as shown here. (The center seat back section folds down to reveal a removable engine access panel.) Also that heater/fan box should not be too hard to fabricate if not currently included in the kit.
(My early production kit did not have it.)


Top two photos - Avto-Russia-ru

You might note: that center alcove in the rear cab wall panel. That contains what I believe to be a cold starting, manual gas pump or a manual pump for injecting ether into the intake side of the engine, again for cold starts.

The floor mat is Evergreen scribed siding layered over the cab floor and then drilled to accept the steering column and peddles,

Thats good stuff there . Yes I believe that is a manual fuel pump

Purchased this just yesterday . . . . .
As of now Chris, I think we are sort of in the same boat!

First night’s work: I’m stoked!