Meng 1/24 GT40

Ford GT40
Gulf Wyler #1 1966 Le Mans Second Place
Meng 1/24

It’s been a long time since I’ve been active on the forum and always as a large scale aircraft modeler. My twin brother is Joel_W and he will be pointing me down the right path.
It’s been a good while since I’ve done any building with the on-going house renovation and some issues with my medical condition, so I thought I would try to grab some bench time, unwind and build something so very different: a 1/24th scale race car. I haven’t attempted to build a car kit of any type for decades and now seemed the perfect time plus help get the old juices flowing again. My first build: the 1/24 Meng Ford GT40 1966 Lemans Team; car #1 driven by Miles and Hulme to second place. My decision to replicate the second place car was solely the color scheme of Gulf Blue and Orange. My plan is to go as far as possible with the build as I can but the on-going renovation construction will halt the build at some point as there will be way too much dust in the air to do any painting beyond priming.
The Meng GT40 kit:
Molding is sharp, almost no flash and a decent amount of nicely molded parts. Part fit is OK and I’ve only used small amounts of Mr Surfacer 500 where needed based on what I think might be seen when the GT40 is finished The instructions could be clearer on part location and orientation as most part are not keyed and it’s easy to make a mistake figuring out how the part should fit.
Meng color call outs are for: AK and Acryion paints, neither of which I use, so a lot of homework was needed. Some of the colors didn’t seem correct and especially to a guy who knows so very little but learning. Thank goodness for my brother Joel W.(on the forum) is a walking encyclopedia for this type of racing and so far has received more than a fair number of telephone calls and emails on a daily basis.
Exterior paints are going to be from Gravity (Spain) Lacquer paints as well as Tamiya Lacquers. The one color that had me hung up is the dark blue, which seems to be all over the place as I search for information. The closest match I felt comfortable with was either Tamiya LP-41 Mica Blue and LP-45 Racing Blue – I’ll need to do a bit of testing as to which one is the closest and then with my brothers help, we’ll make the call. let my brother make the call.
One HUGE difference between military modeling (I’ve been a military large scale modeler forever) and auto racing modeling is the cars are very specific per Owner/Team, modified and tweaked from race to race or even to another Team car for that same race. Military aircraft do not have that’s types of issues but other ones as well.
I’m not going to be anywhere that accurate as my goal is to just finish, no AM at all and go for the best finish I’m capable of; not even planning on wiring up the engine for my first time out of the gate.
So here we go. I ordered my paints and am carefully following the instructions, cleaning up all the parts, lots of test fitting and deciding what parts will be added prior to priming and what parts after painting each major assembly. My initial impression is the fit is good and nicely detailed. I’ve pretty much decided right now, the front portion of the body will be closed and the rear portion left movable so the GT40 engine and suspension can be displayed or left closed up depending how she looks after crossing the line. Right now, most of the parts are just being test fitted and the business end does look rather busy. The cockpit is nicely detailed but much will not be seen once of the main body shell is in place.
Thanks for looking in;


I have the kit and will be following. Since the wife likes the gold scheme that is probably what I will do one day.

So glad you’re on board and being married for 52 years, in complete agreement on which color scheme and markings to use.

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Welcome Peter !
Nice to have another W brother to follow - I’ll be watching with interest as another aircraft modeler who has been lured to the dark side by your brother…
Cheers- Richard

Hi Richard
Much appreciate you coming on board and looking forward to any pointers and ideas you might have, as when it comes to auto builds, I’m a pure newbie for sure.
The GT40 is definitely a departure from aircraft modeling as things are done so very differently and of course, my brother does keep me pointed in the right direction

Yes welcome into the garage Peter!
Looks like a really nice start and the Gulf colours are pretty nice too though I may have favoured the black and white scheme of the No2 car.


Hey Bro,
Glad you finally made it to the Dark Side and joined the party. Have no fears as the guys here especially Richard and Michael will be most helpful for sure, and will try to get you once again to journey to their special corner of the Dark Side: The world of MFH. Check out their latest finished builds, and Richard’s insanely detailed 1/12 scale Type 158 Alfetta.

Great intro for sure. The goal is still the same: IPMS National Contest Standards which you’re very capable of. As a side note, I don’t use AK paints either, but I’ve never heard of Acryion paints before you mentioned it.

We’re all looking forward to your next update. Just work at your own pace and enjoy the ride. You’re really going to like it here.


Looks like Meng have made a very nice kit. Will be looking forward to more updates.

Thank you for the very kind comments on the GT40. I was thinking about doing the Black number 2 car before starting but knowing my brother was gong to be doing a Porsche 917 in the Gulf Wyler colors, my fate was sealed.

Yup, it took a lot of persuasion on your part to finally pull the plug and buy my first few race car kits. My goal whether doing aircraft builds and now also race cars, is to do the best I can and concentrate on the finish, a painting is my favorite port of any build.
I’ve more then a few times checked out MFH kits and they are amazing but at this stage of the game, way beyond what I would dream of tackling - but there is always down the road.
Going slow won;t be hard, as like you, medical issues and now the house renovation limit my building time but I’ll get there.

Thanks Jesper. It’s a nice kit with a lot of details but as I near the priming stage, I do question quite a few of Meng’s part/assembly choices, as they do make painting a lot more difficult and lots of masking.
Glad you will be along for the ride

Yep, I’ll always be a huge Wyler Gulf fan. Of course Group 44 is right up there with them.


Right with you but for me, Team 44 is at the top of my list.

Sorry I’m late to the party, but a big welcome to the AutoModeler team Peter, really wonderful to have you on board!

Very nice start to the build here as well, looks like a nicely detailed kit and I’m sure you will do it justice!

Looking forward to progress reports as they come through.

Cheers, D

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Thanks Damian
As a long time aircraft modeler, this is my first go at a race car and of course, my brother Joel has been keeping me on the straight path. I’m hoping to post my second update around Friday as I have been making some nice progress.


Ford GT40 MKII

Meng 1/24th Scale

Slowly and I mean slowly working my way through the GT40, as a combination of both learning as I go and trying to understand Meng’s assembly instructions. Presently, a good portion of the interior is completed and I’ve learned a lot. Not always following the instructions, as I wasn’t thrilled with the assembly sequence, much has gone together. The front clip interior has been painted Tamiya LP-6 Pure Blue (a bit lighter then I wanted over light gray primer) but if I used MRP Black Primer, how I painted the oil cooler mounting tab, the color would have been dead on the money. The oil cooler assembly was painted as per the instructions and the screening given a wash of Tamiya Black Panel Line Wash to highlight the details. Red tow bar hooks: Gravity Ferrari Red. All the parts were painted and assembled as per the instructions and the interior upper portion of the shell was painted Matt black, with this part of the build now close to being finished and now waiting for the front clip to hit the paint booth.

Right now, I’m willing to bet I’m one of the few modelers on the planet not doing cartwheels over Tamiya Lacquer paints. I’ve bought a fair number of bottles and have used quite a few on the GT40. For my money, I just not thrilled on the way they air brushes, preferring both MRP and Gravity (Spain) in the lacquer department. No thinning and both shoot beautifully straight out of the bottle.

I’ve spent a quite a bit of time painting the details in the cockpit both parts and molded on and no real issues. Part fit is OK but shame on Meng’s instructions. For a modeler not knowing the correct orientation of a lot of the parts, it was a struggle as the instructions are of very little help and the parts are NOT keyed. For a kit costing over $69, this is an area Meng should have spent more time on. A few more parts to go and the cockpit will be finished as well.

I’ve been using a wonderful build thread of the Meng 1/12th scale kit as a build guide. Loads of major differences between the two kits and if I knew what I was doing, loads of detailing possibilities could be done.

I’ve also struggled with the Big V8 and transaxle. Just would have been so nice if Meng keyed the parts, especially the intake manifold and valve blocks. Yes, I know, all the parts are numbered and as I removed each part, I could have labeled each one but that’s just not the way I work but might have to exercise more care in part removal and numbering them in the future. I’m not even sure I have them on correctly at all – hopefully I do.

All the leather components were overcoated with Alclad Semi Matt to look more like leather then the called out matt black does.

So far, I am finding the GT40 an enjoyable kit and have used a lot more Alclad then any other paint – never thought there would be so much exposed metal but there is.

Hoping to finish all the interior work prior this week and then start the body shell, as our contractors are scheduled to resume our home renovation in a few weeks.

Thanks for checking in


I removed the removed the rear suspension parts, so I could test fit the engine assembly. Fit is pretty good.


1st car build or not, your GT40 MkII is coming along quite nicely. I wouldn’t worry to much about the shade of the interior Blue as once the top and bottom shells are glued together, you’re not going to see to much by looking in through the windows, and it does get kind of dark in there.
Nice job on those seats seat vent as they’re easy to see, yet not overly done by any means.

As for the engine heads from I can see they look like they have the correct orientation. Check the header fit and you’ll know for sure.
So far your 1st kit looks damn good if you ask me.

Thanks JA
Just worry about the heads being correct, so I don’t have issues with the heaters. Plan is to do a bit of dry brushing to bring out the interior details, especially on the seats and dash, then the last step step should be the harnesses.

Just test fit the headers and see if they end where they’re supposed to.

Hope I don’t start trouble here but it looks like there are two talented Willstein brothers… just sayin’ …