Meng Leopard 2 A7+, Washed and filtered

Very nice colouring Jim. I do like the RWS … makes it look even meaner … I would love to have the scratch building skills or someone to bring out a conversion to make the Chall 2 Black Night …that looks uber mean.
Is the turret top on the Leo textured ? the whole thing is looking great Jim, keep it up.


Thanks Matthew @SSGToms and John @Johnnych01. I’m almost tempted to do a plain green finish as this is a fictional scheme anyway, but that would just be a cop-out!

Yeah John, the turret has some rather nice non-slip texture, the hull has some too. If you click on and zoom the overhead pic’ you should be able to see it quite well, depending on the size of the screen you’re using. I really like the RWS too, was going do do it in tan, along with the additional plate it sits on, for some contrast, but keeping that on the back burner for now.

Thanks again, J.

Love the initial coat. Shows great depth with all that detail on the turret surface- excellent

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It´s turret is indeed huge… you should call this one the Hulk. :grimacing:


Beautiful paintwork- fantastic to look at!

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Fabricators are like modelers… If you can think it, someone can build it.

The green is spectacular! Makes me want to lighten mine up a bit.



OK, I am not up on all the new paints out there. You can mix the Tamiya acrylics with the new AK Real colors?

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Sure can Ken. They mix wonderfully.


Thanks guys, I’ve been procrastinating over covering the green with the camo but I’ve just ordered a load of Tamiya LP full lacquer paints to try and one of them is nato brown, the nato black was sold out, so the next stage will be soon.

Yeah Ken @tankerken, the AK real Color’s are just like the standard Tamiya paints, therefore can also be mixed with mr color aqueous too and all of them can be mixed with the full on lacquer paints too. I use mr color levelling thinner mostly for all these paints with great results, and Tamiya lacquer thinner retarder type is very similar in performance too. I only use the alcohol based old x20a Tamiya thinner for my go to matt varnish of Windsor and Newton Galeria acrylic.

Love that smart car Jamie @Jmedubya , a proper original mini was my first car and I’ve always wanted to restore one, but this is giving me ideas…!

Thanks again, Jim.

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Late to the party, but…Wow! :open_mouth::+1:
I have two in the stash so following on with interest… Might do one in each of the schemes.
Like the idea of Tan on the RWS.

Re. Tamiya colours being a it darker - IIRC Asome colours were original designed for larger scales e…g. 1/16 RC, hence the difference.

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Thank Paul @pod3105 .

Well it’s been a wee while, but after a sojourn in a galaxy far, far away, I’ve cracked open the box and got the NATO Brown on. I decided to use blutac as the demarcation lines always look fairly sharp to me in pics, and I wasn’t quite brave enough to freehand it.

Used Tamiya LP NATO brown, then added a drop of Tamiya buff for highlights. For once the pics show the highlights more than in natural light, but as always I’m aiming lighter for weathering to darken. Now for another lengthy session of rolling thin blutac sausages and filling in with tape, strangely therapeutic and rather satisfying.

Pics keep loading in random order, but here is the big cat in two tone


Looks nice and sharp Jim. I am also in the blue tac and masking tape gang lol … This is the next big modern MBT I am after, the A7 … very nice scheme with the cam :+1:


I like the Yellow green brown version… :grinning:

Looks very good!!


Outstanding work so far ! love the depth of the paint colors too theres just the hint of the black base peeking thru

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That is absolutely glorious. I have this in the stash and your post is giving me sweaty palms to get started on it. Metal barrel, Friul tracks, aftermarket lights… oooh yeah.

Sadly I have this massive ww2 dio to get over the line before I can do anything else but i am happy to know that this will be waiting when I do. Cant wait!

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Many thanks fellas!

I’ve now got the NATO black on. I used Tamiya LP and tried to lighten it with AK RC nato black but I think the LP is closer to the AK than the Tamiya XF was, however there are some very subtle variations in the black, but the pics don’t seem to pick up any of it.

All in all I’m fairly pleased with the scheme, been a good exercise in using the blutac method

And masked pics


I think it looks great! Your masking job is particularly impressive.

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Really liking that paintjob. :+1: :+1:

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That’s looking pretty neat Jim…you have nailed the cam pattern… brilliant :+1:

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You are a airbrush master

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