Meng Namer AEV + Nochri Degem Dalet Mine Roller Build Blog(ish)

Okay, another IDF AFV - having just completed the Merkava Mk IV, I decided I liked the cut of Meng’s jib and I also find the subject matter interesting and (strangely) aesthetically pleasing.

Meng’s Namer and Nochri Degem Dalet Heavy Mine Roller system (SP-021) and Friul Merkava Mk III tracks.

The kit comes with three options, basic APC, Command version and APC fitted with Trophy APS. Although Meng themselves advertise the compatibility of the kit with the mine roller, the version they use to do this is the one with the Trophy APS fitted. The decals provided for this version in the kit are not for an Engineer Unit. Only one version of the kit (the basic version) comes with decals for an Engineer Unit. Bit odd really. An Engineer Variant would most likely have the APS fitted - so i’m going to use some artistic licence and build the APS version, attach the mine rollers, and use the decals from the Engineer variant. Sue me.

Early Namers were fitted with the Mk IV track links (around 110 vehicles). Because the Mk IV tracks are wider than the tracks on the Mk III, a wider sprocket was used for adjusting the sprocket and hub assembly, to the width of the track.

Later Namers were fitted with the Mk III tracks (cheaper) and a standard Mk III sprocket was used. Hence, the Meng kit comes with Mk III sprockets and rubber band track (instantly disgarded for the Friul). If you wanted Quick Links AM tracks for this kit, you’d need their Merkava Mk III (late) set.

@gtdeath13 the Merkava Mk IV tracks from Friul DO NOT fit this kit’s final drives (you asked me to check). The Mk IV tracks are much too wide in length and bredth.

This is going to take me quite a bit of time as usual AND i’m going to Corfu on Saturday, so won’t begin writing this up until third week in September (or thereabouts).

Thank you for your interest.


Depending on the mission profile, some of the regular APC versions (w/ or w/o Trophy) can be equipped with mine rollers, and not necessarily just the vehicles of the CE companies of infantry brigades (these are fully trained infantry units with additional CE training; not to be confused with regular CE units that belong to the CE Corps rather than to the Infantry.

Indeed, yet totally plausible. Maybe it’s a vehicle used for training, or perhaps an early example. I could check if you gave me the unit designation from the instructions.

Basically, you’re right. These vehicles meant to be operated in forward units, exposed to enemy fire. Again, might be a training vehicle, an early example or simply a current one w/o Trophy.

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Great information Israel,

As requested, this is Engineer Variant the kit comes with.

I intend to use this vehicle’s markings (above) with this build (below).

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The Namer is still kind of a mystery for me. Wheels change, tracks and sprockets change as mentioned above, the front armor block at the glacis changes, setup and equipment and sometimes even the name, since some use the Namera for differentiating the combat engineer version from the armored corp one.

I have noticed that at some point the CE decided to add two very distinct boxes at the back, on each side of the rear door. The left one is square and the right one has a cable reel of some short.

Also all CE vehicles have what I suppose is a conduit and its cover at the front right fender, which Meng offers as an option in their kit

A really interesting photo is this one, which shows a huge box atop the vehicle, with spare wheels and other stuff

Got lots of photos but I do not know how to categorize them since the variants and operators remain a mystery for me.


Thanks, Roly. It looks like a early, regular (non-Trophy) APC variant rather than a dedicated CE Namera.
The unit description is rather confusing, most likely inaccurate too. For starters, it fails to mention that the 12th “Barak” Battalion belongs to the 1st “Golani” Brigade, arguably the most famous IDF infantry unit. In addition, the “Wild Horses” isn’t the 6th but the 2nd (support) Platoon of the 12th, tasked with operating the battalion’s heavy weapons (heavy MGs, grenade launchers, mortars).
Now, I have no idea where the “engineering
platoon” in the description came from, but this isn’t a CE variant (Namera) nor seems to belong to a CE Corps unit.

Looks like a hydraulic port, maybe for operating a dozer blade…?

I think that’s a Hatap (Hulya Technit Plugatit - Company Technical Crew) variant. These are manned by Ordnance Corps troops (mechanics, electricians, weapons and communication equipment specialists) and attached to Merkava and Namer/a companies with the task of fixing problems on the go (in my Merkava Mk.2 company the Hatap rode a M113 Fitter).


Could easily be the case, I wish I had better photos but dozer blades are a rare sight


Great, another variant/usage… Tyler Toney Frustrated GIF - Tyler Toney Frustrated Ugh GIFs


In this case, perhaps the conduit has something to do with the potential for mine roller attachment?

How are the rollers lifted clear of the ground when not engaged in mine clearance - hydraulics?

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Okay, are there AM decals I can get that would at least depict a CE vehicle?


The Nochri Dalet can’t be lifted, it’s always in contact with the ground.

The Nochri Kal can, but I haven’t seen mounted on a Namer yet.

Bison has a set with some CE markings included: IDF ASSAULT TANKS, Bison Decals 35056

If you can get your hands on the decal sheet from a Hobby Boss IDF Puma CEV kit, even better.


If you have a HobbyBoss Puma kit there are plenty of decals to choose from. If you do not have a HobbyBoss Puma kit the decals for this project are a good excuse to get one :grin: :grin: :wink:


Is it a good kit?

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Have mine rollers been put on Achzarits?

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If you are asking for the Puma, it is a pretty good kit. I have built the first release of the kit, without the mine roller and the carpet system. The only drawback is that it included vinyl tyres for the wheels, which later HobbyBoss replaced with plastic ones in the Nagmachon releases.

I have not seen Achzarit with added equipment except tow horns and chains.

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Thanks much.
I think the Puma from HB with the rockets and roller is quite a great looking vehicle!

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These are unobtanium as far as I can tell. I’m not sure how I could get the Hobby boss decals as a stand alone shipment.

I might just cut my losses and use the kit decals for the APS variant of the Northern Command and assume the vehicle was spammed for an ad hoc mine clearing mission (i.e. not tasked to CE).

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You could always ask around here, maybe one of our members has some surplus decals that he’s willing to let go.

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I’ve been on holiday for two weeks in Corfu and thought i’d better begin to document the build on my return. The kit starts with construction of the road heels, idlers and sprockets which went together well. As with the Merkava Mk IV, there were several individual pieces forming each road wheel.

Then the lower hull.

Painting of the road wheels was a breeze as the Mk III road wheels fit quite well (if a little loosely) into the Merkava Mk IV Quick Wheels painting template.

Here we are with the wheels and lower hull constructed, with the lower hull ‘primed’ with NATO Black.

I’ll paint the hull and weather the running gear next time.

I opted for Friul tracks on this build, the Mk III set.

The kit supplied rubber band tracks use 106 ‘links’ each side. Comparison of the kit and Friul tracks shows an almost imperceptible difference in link width (that is the thickness of each link from front to back). The Friul tracks are narrower and so, to match lengths (using the kit track as a template) you will need ~110 Friul links per side. This ‘may’ prove to be too many but any slack can be hidden on the top run under the side armour.

Here is the finished article v the kit offering, Friul tracks are primed, undersprayed with Satin Black and oversprayed with Mig Dark Tracks.

I won’t lie, the prep and construction of 220 Friul links was tedious and took about 5 - 6 hours total.


Sorry for hijacking the thread but I’d like to ask a question, which is kind of a related to the topic, as I am building the same model: Guys - how are you painting the IDF “license plates” for the vehicles? Yeah - painting the base in black is something I understand how to do, but how are you painting the white numbers? Freehand with a brush? Drybrushing the white over the plate?

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For photoetched or plastic plates with the numbers protruding from the surface I usually prime and spray the whole plate white. Than use a tiny brush or a toothpick to paint the black. It is easier to cover the white with black than the opposite. If the plates provided have the numbers engraved I avoid using them and either use decals or left over plates from other projects.


For the Merkava Mk IV I just finished, i sprayed the plates satin black and then CAREFULLY dry brushed the raised numbers/letters with white. worked perfectly.