Mercedes Wolf Revell/Black Dog/DEF Model

I was trying to put a challenge out there for all the 3D guys, but you are correct, sorry Piotr, your beautiful build inspires another thread.

Hi Guys
I used two types of Aber photo etch. The basket in front and the net behind the seats (not visible) are S 04. The rear basket is made of Drilled Plate S17

Maki: I have a collection of various drilled plate/mesh from Aber and Accurate Armour and none of the ones I have seem to work. I will check your Aber reference numbers and and see how they stack up. I have the Revell kit (2 actually) and the Azimut resin conversion partially built, it’d be nice to resolve the mesh and drilled plate to move my project forward again. Frenchy helped source a lot of photographs for my build and I feel bad that I stalled. Sorry again if I hi jacked your thread, I just thought it’d be nice to keep the momentum going for these unusual vehicles and their application.

The dutch commando’s (KCT) use the MB 290GD (long wheel base) too:

Edit: it was already mentioned, but this pic was not shown yet… .


Other options:

Or replacement foils. I have several of these from different manufacturers. They’re all slightly different.

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Basically I was building Humvees - I have over 70 of them. I’ve been interested in special forces vehicles for some time. I enclose a link to the topic about these vehicles. I am happy that you are active in my topic - it is always worth learning something

new.SOF wheeled vehicles and their models in 1/35 scale

I have never seen these foils before, I expect they are very thin as well, I’ll keep my eye out for them. These might work for some baskets and other plate with the holes arranged one above the other might work for others.
These photos are not mine and I post them for discussion purposes only, if I shouldn’t do this administrators please let me know.

Here is a Dutch vehcile which shows the baskets very well.It has both types of drilled plate.

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Very generous of you, I feel the same way, open discussion of a topic always opens up possibilities but it is important that you are ok with the direction the thread moves, I have learned a few things already.



Awesome work mate- the stowage looks brilliant and you’ve weathered it just right too.

I like the overall appearance. Does the base Revell kit have windshield wipers?