MERKAVA II multi-camo...Non-slip?

OK so I’m wanting to build/paint this three color camo on this here tank! I have the Takom Mark II for this, but I cannot help but wonder if this tank had the non-slip camo? When did the non-slip camo start?

Thanks in advance!


This was an experimental camo applied to a few thanks of the 7th Brigade. The experiment was conducted between 1988-1990.

From my understanding, the experiment also included solid olive-green and solid haze-gray camos, but I’m not aware of any photographic evidence of those. Just like all Merkavas in front line service that time, the tanks participating in the experience had anti-slip coating.

Early '80s.

Only the first Merkavas MkI in 82 Lebanon war did not have the non slip

You might find this photo interesting

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Yes, I’m familiar with it. It’s really hard to tell, but I think that’s the standard IDF color used between the late '70’s-1990. I might be wrong, but as far as I remember this photo was taken in the mid '80s. What makes this photo really interesting though, is the searchlight, a seldom seen feature on Merkavas.

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Regarding searchlights I had read somewhere that the Merkava contained one inside the turret behind the loaders position. Any details on this?

OK, so where can I find a top-view of the Merk II so I can understand where to apply said coating?

You mean this attached to the commanders MG mount?


Wow great pic. Those tankers are filthy! Just like their tank !

No, it might’ve been only on the Merkava I but read the searchlight was in a compartment behind the loaders position .

You can have a look at the walkarounds at my site.
Merkava 1 “late” at Saumur


It was removed after a little time

Wow, someone needs to go find a car was for their rig. :smiley:

Neither one of them look very happy either. That dirt must be itchy.
And while I’m looking at the massive amounts of accumulated dust here, it makes me want to show this pic to a friend who always told me my IDF models were “pastel bombs” since I tried to recreate this a couple of times.

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I’ve said it before, when it comes to modeling, there is no such thing as too much dirt and mud on a tank.


I do wonder if those Jimpys would fire at all without jamming immediately.

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Interesting , thanks. Was this because of an upgraded FCS with thermal sight ?

Thanks. For some reason I was fixed on the area inside the turret right behind the loader, where the radios are.

Yes, that indeed was a searchlight compartment on early Mk.1s. It was a quite unique setup: the searchlight projected its beam vertically which was then redirected forward by a 45 degree mirror. The mirror was made of some kind of plastic material resisting, to certain degree, fire from light weapons and shrapnel.

I remember reading a nice story about the development, but I need to look it up as I can’t remember the details right now.

Not exactly. I think the whole thing was just way too expensive. A regular searchlight (probably the one in the photo posted by Nikos) replaced it until the arrival of a FCS coupled with thermal imaging, finally enabling the Merkava with proper night fighting capabilities.

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