Metal tracks recommendations for 1:35 IDF Vehicles

Dear all,

My current bench stack of models looks like this:

Due to personal preferences I’d like to replace the kits tracks with aftermarket metal ones so I am looking for recommendations.
My current selections is:

  • Tiger Model 4626 - Nagmachon Late - ordered MasterClub 35207
  • Meng SS-008 - Achzarit Late - planning to go with Friulmodel ATL-171
  • Meng TS-049 - Merkava Mk.4 - planning to go with Friulmodel ATL-099
  • Meng - SS-010 - Caterpillar D9R - planning to go with Friulmodel ATL-161
  • HobbyBoss 84546 - Puma AEV - no idea? Maybe the same MasterClub 35207 as for the Nagmachon? But these are becoming harder and harder to find nowadays, so I’m looking for alternatives.

I’m based in EU so naturally I’m looking for options available in EU/UK if possible…


If you plan to build the single finishing option included in the box, that has Hush Puppy tracks.


And what don’t you like about set tracks? If they are rubber then I understand …

There’s no logical reasoning behind this, but I still prefer to have metal tracks.

Your money - your choice :grin:

Tiger Model 4626 - Nagmachon Late

You can also use Centurion Hush puppy tracks. AATL-135 Friulmodel.

HobbyBoss 84546 - Puma AEV Masterclub 35207 is a solid choice, also you can use original Centurion tracks.


Thank you all guys!
I think I’ll use the already purchased MasterClub 35207 for the HobbyBoss 84546 - Puma AEV and I will order Friulmodel ATL-135 for the Nagmachon.
One question - how do you paint the rubber parts of the ATL-135? What I am thinking is to paint the whole track with the “metal” colour (LP-61, which should be XF-56 - Metallic Grey) and then use Tamiya masking tape - 1, 2 of 3 mm (or whichever size, depending on the actual track size) to spray the rubber parts with LP-65 (XF-85 - Rubber Black)? Any other ideas?

a black dry brush will work as well, no masking required. You can also paint the whole track black and use washes and a soft pencil for the bare metal parts.

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This is my preferred method.

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Stick with the ATL-001 on your Tiran, they were used up until the Achzarits (using t54/55 running gear) were updated to the Batash tracks (ATL-171) and new Drive Sprockets.


It is me again - sorry for asking again the stupidest questions…

I’m considering buying the MiniArt 37013 kit but I’m a little bit confused on which Friulmodel tracks to buy - the ATL-001 or the ATL-171? Or this depends on the year I would “put” my model in - like early Tiran 4 should be equipped with ATL-001 but later they were “upgraded” to ATL-171?

Omsh tracks for your Tirans (ATL-001) only.

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Beware that Tiger Model Nagmachon late has a couple of major mistakes. The most obvious is the double smoke dischargers per side. There was only one.
The tracks in the kit are correct for the decoration option as stated previously. If you intend to go for the standard Centurion tracks don’t use the decals. Don’t forget to shorten the ends of every 6th link.


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Hi Guys,

I hope you can give me an advice here. The instructions tell me to paint certain rubber parts (mudguards and stuff) in Tamiya XF-1 - Flat Black. I have the LP-3 (LP-3 Flat black), which should be the lacquer equivalent, but that’s not what I am asking :wink:
I also have LP-65 - Rubber Black (LP-65 Rubber black) - the equivalent is XF-85. Looking at the pictures on my uncalibrated monitor I can’t see any difference between them but eyeballing the actual jars of paints the LP-65 seems a lot more “greyish, blueish and whiteish” and in my opinion it much better replicates the colour of a piece of rubber left in the sun for a while. Being building IDF vehicles I believe the LP-65 should be my choice.
Do you have any experience with these two paints? What do you think?

Rubber parts usually are dark grey so avoid pure black except for a brand-new vehicle.
I use either xf-85 or xf-69 for a more faded rubber color.

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That is what I am thinking exactly!

I’m curious why is every six link shorter?

to make it easy to remove the pin during track link replacement

I don’t know much about tank track replacement but if the sixth link is shorter to make it easier to remove the track. What about the other five track links pins?

The rubber elements on tanks including tracks is rarely anything like black unless very clean or new. Look at the rubber pads on just about any tank in use and the colour mix is across the board.