MicroMesh vs Polishing Compounds?

It looks like removing canopy mold seams and fixing glue mistakes will be a regular part of this hobby for me.

Most folks on YouTube seem to use 2-3 grades of Tamiya polishing compounds to regain clarity and smoothness. Maybe even a polishing wheel in a Dremel.

But what about something like MicroMesh sanding pads? Could I get the same result with that?

Yes you can.
The MicroMesh process ends with a polishing compound.
The end result can be improved with Future flor polish (or similar product).
It takes a lot of time and “elbow grease” though.

Ah…didn’t know that. Sounds like the sandpaper I have + polishing compound may be the way to go then.

Do you have 12000 grit sandpaper?

From MicroMarks product description (deduct 20% marketing hype)
"Kit includes everything you need to bring your next project’s finish to a dazzling shine: six 3 inch x 4 inch sheets of Micro-Mesh in 2400, 3200, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000 grit; foam sanding block; micro-gloss polishing cream; 13 inch x 17 inch non-woven polishing cloth, and instructions. "

The process can be described as:
Start with 2400, polish vertically until you have en even surface
Polish horizontally with 3200 until et.c …
Polish vertically with 4000 until et.c.
6000 horizontally
8000 vertically
12000 horizontally
and then the polishing cream.

The cockpit and side gunners positions on a 1/72 Airfix Catalina took me three evenings but they were clearer than glass afterwards

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I do not. Sandpaper to 3000 and a sponge that’s supposedly 6000 but feels rougher to me.

That MicroMesh stuff feels like the love child of wet-n-dry sandpaper
and a thin sponge. The 12000 grit is sm-oo-oo-oo-th :wink:
It is worth the money.


But I would still need at least a finishing grade of polishing compound, right?

Aren’t you the guy who use the toothpaste suggestion with good success?

alpha abrasives has a sanding pad sets that go pretty high. You can find them at local hobby stores, Hobby Lobby and maybe Michael’s.

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Yes. But it didn’t finish the job. Still left the canopy somewhat clouded.